Network Marketing Tips – 5 Things Leaders Do Daily

The internet and network marketing industry is filled with so called, self proclaimed leaders. All of a sudden those that have read Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring book think they are instant leaders on attraction marketing. Just because someone reads something does not qualify them as a leader. A leader is known more by what he does than what he says. To help you move forward in your business I will share 5 network marketing tips that leaders do on a daily basis.

5 Things Leaders Do Daily
1. Visualize your goal and what you desire
This may sound a little hokey dokey but understand this network marketing tip will actually set the tone for all the other steps. I recommend doing this when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Put yourself in the space of ALREADY achieving your goals. Meditate, feel, taste, and smell the output. if you do it right this part will become so real to you that it will move you to the next step.

2. Income producing activities
This particular network marketing tip is considered a compromising area for most. Some think that if they are checking their email, organizing their desk, planning the day, training reps, and talking on the phone to their downline about any and everything that they are being productive. Not true at all. In the internet network marketing world the only TWO things that make you money are: taking massive action on marketing and speaking to qualified prospects on the phone. Period point blank end of story.

3. Personal development, self mastery
One of the largest network marketing tips is that you have to work on yourself more than you work on your business. This means every single day reading or listening or watching something that will better you as a leader. There is always enough time in the day. Turn off the tv, put down the news, and garbage novels. At lunch if you have an iPod or iPhone put on your heads and listen to Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, or whoever you choose. Allow their words and beliefs to transform you into a better leader.

4. Mastermind with other leaders
For us in the network marketing / direct sales industry this means obtaining on all the conference calls that our respective companies have. It's not feasible to always have events so this is the best way. Look at it as you are a part of a mastermind group. You can learn from those that are where you want to be.

5. Position myself at the top (Cultivating the anticipation of leadership)
Depending on the company you are with there may be different levels that you can join at. As a leader you want to set the culture on your team to always play from the top. If you do not have the money to get at the top then work your butt off finding ways to get it or to climb your way through the ranks. Leaders understand that those that typically get in the MLM business at a lower position will not take the business seriously. Always fight to get to the top no matter what.

In order for this to work properly you have to do all five every single day. Now to see what I consider the largest network marketing tip of all go here.

Source by Adrian Hines

Network Marketing Lies – The Real Truth About Network Marketing

Lack of network marketing skills is one of the largest hurdles facing MLMers. It's also the basis for one of the largest network marketing lies and that's that anyone can do this business.

But can anyone do network marketing? Well yes and no … you see, despite what you've been told in the past there is a definite skill set required to become successful in MLM. But the old school recruiting methods include telling a prospect who has doubts about being able to create a successful network marketing business that anyone can do this.

What they are not often told is that it does take certain skills to succeed. Quite often, this network marketing lie is often told simply to get the sign up. And in most cases, a prospect is suddenly left high and dry trying to work it out for themselves. The person who signed them up was only doing what they were told and truth be known, they are probably in the same position their new sign up is.

It's any wonder that the drop out rate in network marketing sits at over 90% in the first three months of starting a business.

Network Marketing Skills

The reason why everyone can not do this is simply a lack of skills. The network marketing lies go beyond just telling people they can do this. It's usually followed up by being told they just need to sign up and their business will be built for them. But the issue of lack of skills is very real.

For example, a network marketer needs to be essentially an all round talent. They need to be a prospector, recruiter, motivator, phone salesperson, coach and business manager. How many people do you know possess all these skills? Yet day after day people jump into an MLM business focused just on the promise of making big money without regard to how they are going to build and manage their business.

MLM is a great business but the training of a prospect needs to start from the moment they come into someone's funnel. Instead of building them up with hype about the money they can make instead, the prospect should be "showered" with training and education.

In fact, it should be focused on the how. You need to be able to show someone exactly how they are going to build their business rather than fluffing them up with an unrealistic picture.

By giving them value and the how, you have a much better chance of understanding their trust and enjoying their involvement as a member of your downline. "Anyone can do this" is one of the more dangerous network marketing lies because it simply is too shallow and does nothing for teaching a prospect how they are going to reach their goals.

Source by Dean Caporella

What's the Difference Between DS3 and T3 Bandwidth?

Do not be confused about the difference between DS3 and T3 circuits. These terms are really synonymous. Instead you should focus on what they can do for you … and the best scenarios for application.

Digital Signal (DS) is a system of classifying digital circuits according to the rate and format of the signal (DS) and the equipment providing the signals (T). DS and T designations have come to be used synonymously so that DS1 assumes T1, and DS3 implies T3.

A DS3 line (also known as a T-3) is an ultra high-speed connection capable of transmitting data at rates up to 45 Mbps. A DS3 line is equal to approximately 672 regular voice-grade telephone lines, which is fast enough to transmit full-motion, real-time video, and very large databases over a busy network. A DS3 line is typically installed as a major networking artery for large corporations and universities with high-volume network traffic. Other example applications include large call centers, enterprise wide VoIP and IP PBX systems, Internet service providers, research labs, video conference centers and software development companies. A DS3 is the second fastest, non optical connection offered in North America. A DS3 line is comprized of 28 T1 lines, each operating at total signaling rate of 1.544 Mbps.

DS3 circuits provide businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with up to 45 Mb / s of dedicated Internet connectivity. This is an ideal solution for users who have outgrown their T1 connections and are in search of unlimited, high-capacity access. A DS3 line actually consists of 672 individual channels, each of which supports 64 Kb / s. DS3 lines are extremely high bandwidth connections into a carrier's backbone. They typically include SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that guarantee uptime and performance.

The DS3 signal itself is composed of 28 DS1 signals and is constructed using a two-step multiplexing process. First, the 28 DS1 signals are multiplexed into seven DS2 signals. Second, the seven DS2 signals are multiplexed into one DS3 signal. Each multiplexing step uses bit stuffing to handle the different input frequencies. Overhead bits provide alignment, error checking, in-band communications, and bit stuffing control information.

Line rate: 44,736,000 b / s
Signals: 7 DS2 signals = 28 DS1 signals

Overhead bits:
56 bits total / frame
F-bits (framing) 28 bits /
M-bits (multiframing) 3 bits /
C-bits (stuffing) 21 bits
X-bits (message) 2 bits /
P-bits (parity) 2 bits /
Data bits between overhead bits 84

A DS3 connection is comprized up of two monthly charges: the local loop and the port charge. The local loop charge is the cost of the circuit provided by the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) that allows DS3 access into the carrier's network. The loop charge is based on the distance from the customer's location to the edge of the carrier's network; the farther the customer is from the network, the more the loop will cost. Nearly every carrier prices loops differently so it is in your best interest to price DS3 service with several providers to ensure that you get the best deal.

DS Internet Access is the ideal solution for businesses that require high-bandwidth access at a reduced price. Whether you host high-traffic Web sites, support Web hosting or need high-capacity bandwidth on an as-needed basis, there's a level of DS3 service (Full or fractional) that will meet your needs. Fractional to full DS3 or T3 circuits run from speeds of 3 Mbps up to 45 Mbps.

For customers that require more bandwidth than a T1 line can provide but do not yet require the capacity of a full DS3 line, a fractional DS3 connection is the ideal solution. A fractional DS3 is similar to a full DS (T) 3, only with some of the channels turned off. This reduces the total monthly cost and provides additional capacity that can be turned up in a matter of days. Unfortunately, the DS3 (T) loop is still required for this service.

If a full DS3 line is more bandwidth that you really need, it is also possible to get Fractional DS3, which gives you a portion of full DS3 bandwidth at a lower cost. Of course, DS3 is also available in multiples to increase bandwidth, similar to bonded T1 service.

DS3 service can be deployed for a wide verity of applications. The most common uses are DS3 point-to-point, DS3 internet, DS3 frame relay, DS3 voice and DS3 VPN. The pricing for these connections varies broadly depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used. Visit DS3 Bandwidth Solutions to obtain current "real time" rate quotes for your location.

Source by Michael Lemm

Sisel Review – Is This Company Like No Other?

Inside this article, I'll summarize the important points associated with Sisel, supply you with an honest Sisel review and then provide you important points to consider when signing up for any kind of home-based marketing enterprise, either related to selecting the correct company and also experiencing financial success in Sisel or any other enterprise you decide to enroll in.

What is Sisel?

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower with the purpose of taking over the market in both personal care products and nutritional supplements. Sisel is a strange word, but it stands for: Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. This is used as the foundation for the company mission. Sisel is currently open for business in 21 countries with a plan for rapid expansion, a definite plus, at least as network marketing is traditionally viewed. The company offers an international compensation plan that helps to avoid some of the normal problems that people have when many network marketing companies go international.


Sisel is reported to put a strong emphasis on research to "find products unlike what the world has seen". While this might be true, it is somewhat of a bold statement and is sometimes considered to be a bit more hype than substance. Time will tell on this one, but there is certainly something positive to consider about them taking up that mission, as long as it is followed up with action. Therein lies the problem much of the time with health and wellness network marketing companies, how do you know what to believe when it comes to the effectiveness of the products? Having said that, on their website they describe their commitment to the use of "evidence-based nutraceutical ingredients, known to be of scientifically-proven biological value, in the most concentrated strength and form possible, combined with other synergistic ingredients to achieve maximum results . " Again, it sounds good, but it is always tough to tell. The bigger question you need to ask yourself is, "Are Sisel's products something that I can really put myself behind?" This is a question that only you can answer!

Sisel offers a wide range of products from nutritional supplements, to diet aids, personal care products, laundry detergent to even watches! Some like they are running the gambit, but for the purposes of this review, I will focus on the nutritional supplements as this is my area of ​​personal expertise (if you do not know me, I am a research scientist doing obesity research).

"Triangle of Life"

This is a core of 3 products that Sisel Promotes as their answer to promote longevity. The "triangle of life" is making a bit of a bold claim here, because none of the active ingredients in these products has solid science behind them that show that you can actually extend maximal lifespan. This does not mean that there are not health benefits, but the longevity claim is a bit bold!

Eternity- this is a drink that is composed of Resveratrol, Quercetin, Catechins and Polyphenols and the company claim that these "will help your body become very energetic, weight loss is a side effect, and potential of living decades longer." They claim that this product is different compared to anything else out there because of the dosage in the product, but one thing we do not know about products like this is whether or not more is better. With this in mind, the research on these types of supplements provides no evidence at all that you can extend your life for decades! However, as I said, there are health benefits related to these products, but the jury is still out.

Fucoydon – this product is described a something that can regenerate your body at the cellular level and boost immunity. It is unclear what is in this product, but this again sounds too good to be true!

SpectraMaxx – this appears to be a mix of general vitamin and minerals, which may be helpful, especially if your diet is deficient.

Overall, these products may have good practical worth because people are always looking for improved health and this seems to offer a "healthy life in a bottle". You have to ask yourself before you join if you are interested in getting into the business of convicting people about the fact that these products will make someone more healthy, but this is up to you! Something to consider is that these 3 products run rough ~ $ 180 per month, whereas a product similar to Eternity, POM Wonderful, has solid science behind it and costs $ 30 per month. So can you justify the cost?

Enrollment Options and Compensation Plan

Now that we have talked about the products, what about the business side? You can become a Sisel International distributor by paying an initial start-up cost and then maintaining a monthly autoship. No surprise here, this is the norm for network marketing companies and is not really too much to think about. The compensation operates on a unilevel platform and provides 5 different ways you can make money. All in all, the compensation is set-up well to allow you to make some serious money, there is also some talk about because they have their manufacturing on site, they are able to operate on larger margins and pass some of those savings down to the compensation plan – both great news for the distributors. Of course, the products and the plan do not make the business, as an independent business owner in Sisel, or any network marketing company for that matter, you need to consider the team you are working with and your ability to build a network.


Tom Mower Sr., President and Co-Founder

Tom has his hands in just about everything in Sisel. Since the 1970's Tom has had several marketing positions and was able to work his way to advancing the head of R & D, Corporate Trainer, and National Sales Manager is that he was involved with. Pretty impressive guy! Here got going with an industrial cleaning supply company in 1980 which manufactured and distributed products to major commercial and industrial accounts. Later in the 80's, Tom founded a network marketing company called Neways, that specialized in personal care products and in 2006 Tom sold Neways in order to start-up Sisel International and introduced nutritional supplements into the fold. Tom has a science background, although I'm not how much research he has actually done, and has been a very successful marketer, an interaction that would definitely contribute to keeping Sisel solvent, while providing good products at the same time. Tom has also served as a philanthropist and most certainly looks like a guy worth getting behind.

Tom Mower Jr., Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and Co-Founder, Tom Mower Jr. is the sheriff of sorts that oversees the general operations of the manufacturing and on-site facilities. Here Jr, was involved in his fathers growth of Neways and has been with his dad all the way through the development of Sisel. Tom has a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Utah and according to their website he is an accomplished scientist, but this does seem a bit bold, as most undergraduates do not get much of a scientific background, specifically from a research perspective. Either way, he has been an integral component to his father's success and the development of Sisel.

I hope this Sisal Review was helpful and remember your success in network marketing almost always coming down to what you put into it yourself above and beyond the product hype, or the strength at the corporate office.

Source by Justin Trom

Fun Facts About Radio

Are you interested in radio? If so, you may find it interesting to read the following facts about radio. Read on.

In the late 1800, A German inventor called Heinrich Hertz discovered the wireless radio. He did it when he proved that it is possible to send energy point-to-point without the use of wires.

An Italian businessman and inventor known as Guglielmo Marconi is considered the great Father of Radio since he transformed that discovery into the wireless radio. He also got the patent and kicked off his own business.

Another expert David Sarnoff introduced the broadcasting concept when he offered his services for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of the USA. He suggested that the company might want to try wireless technology in order to send music to others' homes.

As far as "Disc Jockey" is concerned, Lee Deforest is known as the first one on the list for playing music from the great Eiffel Tower.

In Pittsburgh, KDKA was the very first radio station that was licensed in the USA. Actually, Frank Conrad started KDKA and went under the ownership of Westinghouse. The company made radio kits and got them sold for 10 dollars at the popular Horne's Department Store. Moreover, Conrad advertised those kits on KDKA. Interestingly enough, it was the first type of radio advertising; however, it was not the true advertising.

In New York City, WEAF played the very first commercial commercials in the USA.

Actually, the first news reports on the official level was played on a radio station in the USA and was about the results of the Harding vs Cox election, according to KDKA.

The Golden Age of Radio was between 1920 and 1940. At that time, radio got really popular. This was the same time when radio was the greatest medium in the USA. During this time, the radio had good block programming that was like that of TV today. The programs were telecast in blocks of time. Normally, the duration of these programs was up to one hour. The popular shows included soap operas, sitcoms, detective shows, action shows, news shows, dramas and a lot of other shows.

During the great times of radio, some corporations came into being in order to make programs that would have played on different radio stations. Actually, the stations were under the ownership of the corporations. Some of them were just affiliated. The first network was known as NBC. In the beginning, NBC considered of two networks: the Blue Network and the Red Network. Moreover, the FCC made a rule that a corporation was not allowed to own more than one network. So, the NBC sold the Blue Network. The new owners turned the network into American Broadcasting Company.

Moreover, during the great times of Radio, the drama programs were called Soap Operas. It was soap companies that sponsored the dramas.

Also, during the WWII, the radio became the best medium for broadcasting news. Moreover, Edward R. Murrow was the most popular war correspondent.

So, these were some fun facts about radio. Hopefully, you have enjoyed them a lot.

Source by Shalini Madhav

Project Network Diagrams: Important Tool for Project Time Management

Management of a project brings about many challenges for the project manager. One of the frequently encountered challenges is in the arena of Time Management. As any practicing project manager can attest, time is one of the most important project constraints frequently encountered in practice. The other two project constants are project budget and project scope. Time constraint can be particularly challenging when customer imposes a predetermined target completion date even before the project planning begins or is still in-progress. And to compound this further, the customer imposed target date is usually ahead of the planned completion date. So, what is a project manager supposed to do under such circumstances?

Project Time Crunch: Handling Options

Project managers must carefully consider all possible options that can assist in matching the planned project completion date to customer specified completion date when the latter date is earlier than the former date. As a starting point, project manager can determine if schedule compression techniques can help in meeting the target date, and if that does not work then negotiate two possible alternatives with project sponsor (s) and key stakeholders:

Reduce number of objectives / deliverables for the project. This reduces scope which in turn assists in reducing work and thus can help to make the target date achievable, Egypt

Negotiate to change the target completion date for the project to at least match the planned completion date.

Prior to escalating the matter to sponsor and / or key stakeholders, it is advisable to explore if schedule compression can help. Schedule compression objectives two techniques-Crashing and Fast-tracking. Crashing involves assignment of additional resources to tasks in order to assist in completing them faster. Fast-tracking involves performing several tasks concurrently especially if they have no direct dependency on one another and can be done in parallel. Now, crashing does increase project cost due to the employment of additional resources and for this project manager must take into consideration the project budget along with contingency reserve to ensure project costs does not exceed available funds. Note that a project manager can employ both the techniques in the same project if necessary.

Project Network Diagrams

In order to decide on the schedule compression approach and which tasks should be brought under the purview of which schedule compression approach, project manager must use the project's network diagram also known as Network Logic Diagram. Let's now understand the role that Project Network Diagram (PND) or Network Logic Diagram (NLD) can play in assisting project managers undertake schedule compression. PND can be of two types: Activity-on-Arrow (AOA) and Activity-on-Node (AON). Activity-On-Node (AON) PNDs are also known as Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM). In this article, I will focus on AONs or PDMs as they are more popular and frequently used in practice and in software such as Microsoft Project.

PDM / AON & CPM: Understanding Benefits

AONs are created based on activities or tasks obtained from the project's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). While WBS provides several details such as which tasks when completed can provide which project deliverable, it does not incorporate relationships or dependencies between tasks. Dependencies between tasks are either graphically depicted or described in tabular format for a PND. This helps in understanding the type of relationship between tasks and in what sequence they should be performed. In addition, PNDs can have multiple task sequences and each such sequence from start to project to finish defines a specific path in the PND. The delineation and understanding of all paths in a PND are important as it lays the groundwork for determining planned duration of the project as well as those tasks which directly impact the project's completion date and then can not be delayed. A very specific method called Critical Path Method (CPM) is used for PNDs like AONs in order to determine the following:

  • Planned project completion date
  • Early start and finish times for each task in the PND
  • Late start and finish times for each task in the PND
  • Available Slack or Delay time for each task and the project itself
  • One or more critical tasks and paths in the PND

Arming oneself with all the details above can greatly assist in determining the following:

  • Which tasks can be delayed and which tasks can not be delayed
  • Analyze dependencies to determine which tasks can be done concurrently in order to undertake fast-tracking if necessary
  • What is the planned total duration of the project?

Closing Thoughts

It must not be difficult to understand now that PNDs such as AONs is an important tool in a project manager's toolbox to use in order to handle time constraint challenges or simply undertake schedule planning for a project. Knowledge of this very important tool along with application of network analysis technique called Critical Path Method (CPM) is a required skill even when it is done using robust scheduling software like Microsoft Project. This is because the actual task schedule set up even in Microsoft Project must be done by the project manager and it is often necessary to go beyond the defaults used by the software. It is then and only then that the software's true power of being able to generate what-if scenarios can be utilized to the max which obviously can not be done by always relying on software defaults. In addition to task dependencies, tasks can be set to have lead or lag times as well. Lead time is when a successor task is allowed to have a head start and can begin prior to completion of the predecessor task, and Lag time allows for the successor task to be delayed from starting by a defined time after the predecessor task completes.

Besides being useful in practice, anyone who aspires to get certified as a PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) will have to know all the basics regarding PNDs and use of CPM in order to prepare well for the important Project Time Management knowledge area. In this brief article I have focused on extolling the benefits of PDMs / AONs as they can significantly assist in the management of project schedule and its constraint related challenges. I would like to encourage all readers new to this topic to consult any project management book that covers the basics of this topic in a comprehensive manner, and start using them in their projects.

Source by Jayanta K Das Purkayastha

Is Network Marketing Legal?

Now, next me just telling you the quick answer, let me expand upon this question. Of course the answer is yes it is legal. The reason people will give you that it is illegal, is that they will generalize and say it is a pyramid and all pyramids are illegal. Now, yes pyramids are illegal and I would not have anything to do with them. What is a pyramid? It is where someone starts up something and gets you to pay some money do to get involved. So you tell someone about all the money that you will make and you want to share it with them. Now this goes on and on and of course the person that starts it will always make money. Now, as you get into this "scheme", which is illegal, you are putting money in and you get a position to make money. There are no products. The sole and only reason why you get involved is to make money. Now, this is why people call network marketing a pyramid, is that sure you put in money to start a business, but legitimate companies, you make money on customer purchase of the product and not because you got started in the business. Now, lottery clubs and gifting programs are a form of this, because no one is actually a customer and there is no real products that generate the incoming.

So let me talk about facts anyone can learn about network marketing companies. The government her and in many companies regulate network marketing companies and they are part of the direct sellers association. You do not make money by someone signing up, you make it off of customer products. Yes, there are companies pretending to be network marketing companies, but fail to comply with the rules the governments set out. Some countries rules are stricter that others, in fact, China is probably one of the most strict to let people start a network marketing company with in their borders.

In order for someone to become a network marketing company, they must pay hefty fees to be part of the Direct Sellers Association. You can go to the direct seller association website if you want to find out if a company is what it says it is. Now as a company starts up, in the United States, each state regulates the industry through the attorney generals office. They make sure it complies to all laws.

People will think they are illegal when the start with the company, if they are not making the income that they feel they should, and often will tell everyone it is not, because they did not make the millions in 30 days. In network marketing, if they tell you that you will get rich quick and you do not need to do anything, then I will tell you that they are unethically promoting the business. Make sure you are educated on the business before you get started, then invest in yourself and one and only employee. Your education is a key and if you know the tricks that the leaders use, you will be highly successful. I talk to hundreds of people a day and yes you can be successful, but not with out proper training. There is not one company that provides you the training to be successful.

Source by Scott Fashimpaur

Network Effects in the Web 2.0 Economy

In its simplest form, Network Effect refers to an environment where an increase in adoption or usage creates more value for all participants in a social community or network – this is referred to as positive Network Effect. The converse also holds true and is referred to as negative Network Effect. Negative network effect starts to occur when a network reaches an inflection point. There are several types of Network Effects: Direct Network effects, Indirect Network effects, Social Network effects, and N-sided market effects. Let's take a look at each type of network effect so we can understand why this concept is so important to today's business.

A direct network effect occurs when the product or service value increase the more people use it. The classic example here is the fax machine. The first person who bought a fax machine rushed home, plugged it, and waited. As more people bought fax machines the more valuable the fax machine became. Indirect Network effect occurs when increases in the use of a product or services creates increased value for complementary products, resulting in added value to the original product or service. The classic example cited in this category is open source software solutions think Microsoft versus the old Apple. Cross Network Effect or (two-sided network effect) occurs when an increase in use by one group of users increases the value of a complementary product or service in a completely different set of users.

The modern example here is the relationship between gaming platform releases and the sale of gaming software. Another example is the increase in demand for storage devices as a result of services such as Napster. Social Network Effect occurs when groups of people come together in the online world. Think about you NFL stadium filled to capacity on the Sunday of the big game. This group is limited to a one-to-one relationship between a ticket and a seat. However, the online world is not restricted by stadium seats or available tickets. Harnessing the power of the Social Network is key to viral success on the web and is can be explained in what has become known as Reed's Law. Reed's Law states that the value of large social networks can actually scale exponentially with the size of the network. The justification for this occurs because the large number of possible sub-groups. As benefits occurred based on the combinations of these groups and the total many-to-many capabilities, not just the one-to-one possibilities contemplated in Metcalf's Law the value of the network increases as does the growth in the networks second derivative. For those of you who missed derivative day in Calculus, the first derivative is the rate of change; the second derivative is the rate of change of the rate of change. The second derivative is key to understanding when a network is reaching a point of diminishing returns (the point at which the second derivative slows).

Why does the second derivative even matter? Your ability to monetize a network is directly proportional to the networks second derivative. The subject of monetizing networks is quite complex and the subject of another article, but let's looks at a simple example to drive home the importance of the second derivative concept. Suppose you run a company in which the revenue model is based on advertising and you made on average .01 cents per page in the early years, but as your network reached critical mass you were able to drive your revenue to .03 cents a page view . As the second derivative slows and reaches an inflection point (the point in which the second derivative turns negative), what do you think will happen to your revenue per page view? It is clear it will decline, and you will start to experience the pain of the Negative Network Effect. In order to continue to increase the value of your network, you must find new ways to monetize your network, so reigniting your original positive network effect (think Google AdSense or Amazon Zshops) often cited as example of selling the long tail (refer to the shape of the demand curve). Selling to the long-tail is one of many strategies that can reignite your networks second derivative. Finally, we have the concept of N-Sided Markets.

While most companies connect two groups: buyers and sellers, N-Sided Markets connect two or more different groups of customers, users, partners, sellers, etc., the N simply refers to the number of different groups. The classic example cited here is Visa or Master Card, these companies connect, retailers, shoppers, and financial institutions. If you are thinking about the cross-network effects of these communities, you are starting to understand the power of social networks. The key to increasing the value of your network is to employ as many different network effects as possible in your business model. Your business model ideally should also employ several dependent and interdependent revenue streams as acceptable and natural within your network community. Remember, you must always balance revenue generation, user experience, and trust. To learn more about Web 2.0 business visit .

Source by Dennis Stemmle

Celebrities and MLM: What's the Big Connection?

How do you know if an MLM business is going to work out? Check if they have a celebrity endorsers.

Is not it weird that celebrities get to endorse a lot of things like the best house cleaning agent or the best laundry soap when we bet that things anyway? Why are celebrity endorsements important and why should this be your parameter in looking for a great MLM business to join into.

Multi-level marketing is a great business strategy that has been proven to work and be successful. With so many MLM business out there though, how do you choose what's best? It might be a petty answer at first but an MLM business that is being promoted by a celebrity is a great shot because of a lot of reasons.

First off, what is MLM? Multi-level marketing or network marketing is a business strategy that increases sales through the recruitment of new members. The basic idea is that the more members you recruit, the more products will be sold. The main incentive here is that if you recruit members and not just sell products, you also get to earn a percentage off their sales. This way, you are learning through your efforts and their – and the more you recruit, the more sales you'll have.

Now, where do celebrity endorsements go into all this? In network marketing, you have your downline and your upline. These terms are the most basic used in MLM although they may be called something else. The upline are basically the people who recruited you into joining and who are earning a percentage of your sales, while your downline will be the people you'll recruit and which sales you'll earn a percentage of. Most networking business advertise by promoting their upline, showing how these people have succeeded and now earn a lot through the business without really having to put in much effort. This will be their way way to entice new members. Downlines on the other hand will be used to demonstrate how easy it is to make a sale or to meet a quota – testimonials to basically keep the downline motivated and working.

Now, celebrity endorsements can be considered as a form of upline marketing. By lending their name and popularity to the brand, the company will be able to reach more people and bring in more members. Plus, the fact that you have a celebrity endorsers should mean that the company is stable and already big enough to afford one. Is not that what you would want in an MLM business? Support from your upline so you can recruit more members?

Source by Patrick Mendez

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Data Cabling

With more and more devices and electronics being designed to make use of wireless networks for network connectivity, it's necessary to evaluate network data cabling before setting up a new device or system in your home or office. In many cases, a network that makes use of physical cabling will be more robust and secure network than a one based upon wireless technology. Read on for a few of the advantages of network data cabling, as well as some of the disadvantages with respect to wireless networks.


One of the primary advantages of network data cabling is that they provide a higher level security than wireless networks. Although measures of security including passwords and protected Wi-Fi networks help to improve the security for wireless networks, they are never as secure as network cabling systems.

Reduced Interference

Proper installation of network data cabling helps to dramatically reduce the interference caused by electrical and radio frequency, known as electromechanical interference and radio frequency interference, respectively. Wireless networks are extremely susceptible to radio frequency interference problems. This is not the case with shielded network data cabling and fiber optic cable.

Consistent Connection

One of the biggest concerns that many wireless network users have is the inconsistency of the connection. As data transfer is performed, a lapse in the network connection caused by a momentary lapse in the wireless signal or electrical interference can effectively negate a great deal of work, slow down the transfer rate significantly, or introduce unacceptable levels of data corruption. Fortunately, network cabling provides a consistent connection that does not suffer from these momentary lapses.


Although not all network cabling will provide a speedy connection, the newer types of twisted pair data cabling can operate at data rates up to 10 gigabit. Fiber optic cabling transmits light rather than standard data information, making it optimal for high speed usage and extended ranges.


One major disadvantage of a network data cabling setup is the mobility while connected to the network. Wireless networks provide excellent mobility for electronic devices because there are no wires to hinder movement, within the range of the transceiver. Unfortunately, users must be directly connected to a network cabling system in order to take advantage of the data transfer possibilities.

If more than one physical computer connection is required when physical network data cabling is used, it's typically a simple matter of connecting a router or hub to the network cabling already installed and connecting network devices to the hub or router. Each hub or router can support up to 255 devices.

Wiring Setup

Whereas wireless networks are reliably easy to set up, a physical network data cabling system must be installed prior to use. This means that the cable must be routed and terminated properly at both ends. This typically means obtaining access to crawl spaces and the interiors of walls as well as cutting holes in walls.

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