Why You Should Attend Your Network Marketing Company's Convention

If you are serious about your network marketing business then attending your company convention is an absolute must. There are several reasons for this.

Attending your convention establishes you as a leader with your organization. It is not right to expect people in your downline to attend if you do not make that commitment also. In addition, it is highly unlikely any will attend if you do not either.

Network marketing conventions are a time to rub shoulders with your company's top leaders. Some of them play a role in the convention itself with motivational speeches and training. This is a perfect chance for new distributors in particular to learn how to market their opportunity, and come home with a new perspective and often even stronger desire to build. Almost without exception these leaders are very approachable as well.

Conventions are a time when distributors can meet people face to face in their upline, sometimes for the first time. This is especially true if you are doing a lot of your marketing online.

You will get more training and gain new confidence. No one starts a new job without expecting to learn new things, the very same is true in network marketing. It shortens your learning curve and can help move you forward that much further in your business.

While I have never heard of a network marketer regretting going to their company convention, I certainly have heard of those who wish they had. Once you are there and experiencing the energy and excitement of being with thousands of like minded people you only wish you had more of your downline with you.

Some MLMs hold off on making new announcements until conventions. This could include the introduction of new products for example. Being in attendance gives you the upper edge to those who are not.

Attending a convention does not guarantee one's success. However it certainly can be stated that anyone who is a leader or aspires to be one will be there.

Source by Joanne Ott

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