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Network marketing has been around for decades now and there are just so many things about it that do not make sense. You may be wondering how to start your own business, what to sell, how to get the products that you need, where to get the right people etc. But These are just the small things that you need to know. But multi level marketing has had such a great effect on the economy that it may be surprising to know that there are even network marketing Harvard discussions and course that try to help you to understand the concept even more.

The fact is that there are actually many colleges these days that offer courses in network marketing. You can take network marketing Harvard classes as well and it might be best move you make considering that they probably have some of the most extensive research on the matter. Harvard has taken a great deal of time to outline a course that will help you to determine whether or not network marketing is for you. And within that course, you will find just how network marketing can be beneficial for you as well. Here are three things that they have pointed out in Harvard classes to help your network be successful.

Age – The first thing that network marketing Harvard classes will teach you that the longer your network company has been in business, the more credit it will actually be. You will be surprised to find that there are many fly-by-night network companies that do not make it in the industry at all. What you need is a company that is at least 18 months old. Its either you find a company that you want to join or maintain your own for that length of time. Harvard has found that ninety percent of marketing companies will actually fail in the first 18 months!

Consumable products – Another thing that you can learn from this type of marketing is that if you are looking to join a network company, that business should have unique products. The products should also be highly consumable. This means that you do not want to be selling one-time purchase products. This is one of the reasons why food, clothing, and cosmetics do really well in the network marketing industry. You need to find a company with products that attract repeating sales.

Groundfloor businesses – Network marketing Harvard courses suggest that you need to have at least 1 percent of the population on your network in order for it to be really successful. This does not mean that the more people a company has in its network, the better. It simply means that the more local people within a network, the better for the sales of products. For example, if you are looking at serving about 2 million people, having a sales force or network of about 500 thousand should actually suffice for it to have those 2 million people actually buying stuff from the network company. This is, of course, all hypothetical but network marketing Harvard style does have its points when it comes to the concept.

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