Facebook – 3 Free Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

So you want to use Facebook to grow your business? You setup your profile and place a ton of your company information and your contact information on it so when people stumble on it they can contact you. Most then add a ton of pictures of their products and links to how it's the greatest thing since sliced ​​bread. That's all fine and dandy if you just wanted to push the "product". We all know products will get sold but to whom? Who will get those sales? If you want to be the distributor responsible you need to differentiate from all the other distributors in your company. You might think y our only competing with other companies for business and you would be partially correct. You also need to compete with distributors in your own company.

Lets say you are your own product. If that is the case, then you still need to promote yourself. Why buy from you? Selling your own product on Facebook depends a lot on advertising. Generic advertising that most do is blast information on their profile. This generally doesn't work. If your using your Facebook profile to sell someone you are probably already in trouble. People generally need to be pre-sold before coming to your site. Which means your advertising outside of Facebook has to do a lot of work before people come to you. Then again, Facebook doesn't really work like that anyways right? Who wants to be friends with a person who is a Giant advertisement? Do you really want some Facebook friend posting profile status and wall posts only to promote a product? That gets old quick, as people will realize that they are being used as a free advertising source.

3 Free ways to grow your business in Facebook is to be a REAL person.

1. Get a Real picture of You

I'm not talking about an avatar image. Most people think that you can add a cute picture of a cat or a giant image of your product and that will help you on Facebook. Facebook is generally used to network individuals and to do so you need a mug shot. Okay, maybe not a mug shot but get a picture with your good side. Some might like y our fancy car you have on you profile but how does that really connect you to your audience? You need to brand your own image onto people's minds. What makes you different from every other business out there? Don't get it confused.

Example: If you sell Coke for a living and you have a Giant Coke image on your profile does that really help? Sure people know you either love Coke or work for them. How does that differentiate you from other Coke distributors? That Coke image doesn't set you apart from every other person with that same image. Your image is really the only picture you have to differentiate yourself. You want to stick out and not be filed as another Coke distributor.

2. Set Your Region

People don't realize you can actually localize yourself in Facebook. Some people look over this because they are a global distributor. Your shooting yourself in the foot if you don't let yourself be found. Why would you want to block people from finding you? Isn't part of network marketing about having ways for people to find you easily? You want to be found by people who want your product or service. Easy ways to do this is by joining networks in Facebook or Neighborhoods. I recommend networks as that is shown on your profile easily.

Many distributors are localized to states or even regions. Knowing exactly where people are will only help boost your sales. What if someone in your area wants to become a distributor but only wants to talk to someone who is local? Location information in this situation will be the difference between getting new business or being looked over.

This is critical as there will be a time when you have enough traffic going through Facebook and many members will start to lean towards people in their region. Don't prevent people from finding YOU. Generating leads for your network marketing business in your local area will greatly boost your ability to reach out and connect with them.

3. Fill Out Your Profile

Way too many people only put a tiny bit of information on it. Makes it look like your either hiding something or you got something to hide. People want to network with people they know. It's hard to do that if you got a picture of a cat and you have no clue to what they do in their spare time. Even worse, you don't even k now what they do professionally. I totally recommend you put where you worked full time or working now.

Education is also a key. Stating where you went to a University and what you studied will help you relate to many people on Facebook. People get addicted to adding a ton of applications and their page slows to a crawl. The NEW Facebook has now placed information in different tabs to break up it up and make it easier to see where someone is and what they do for a living.

Can Facebook Really Be Used For Business? Of course!

There are many simple ways to promote your business using Facebook. Facebook alone should be able to drive significant traffic if utilized correctly. Start generating leads to your network marketing business using simple strategies like these.

Source by Lawrence Tam

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