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There are many vacation plans out there that try to downgrade each other as to who's the best.

In looking for a vacation plan I checked into a plan that had been around for over 20 years while many of the others come and go. Also when looking at other comparable resort packages I found 3 items that stood out. They were either too expensive, they had yearly mainternance fees, or you were locked in to only one or two weeks per year. Depending on what you purchased sometimes you had fixed weeks.

I was a victim of the timeshare vacation package and had a nice Gold Crown Resort in Cocoa Beach Florida. I put down $ 11,000.00 for one week per year vacation. I soon saw my maintenance fee move from $ 450.00 up to $ 700.00 per year, and every time I wanted to exchange to another resort it cost me another $ 125.00.

Yes, I said enough is enough and put it up for sale, but had to pay a real estate commission in advance. I was told for months that there was no buyer. They got their commission so why did they care.

The plan I chose not only offers a much better vacation package but offers a compensation package with it to help you build a future.

How about a vacation package that costs 4 times less than I paid where you can go to a Gold Crown Resort as many times per year as you want, including cruises. Remember these are not hotels but 2 to 3 bedroom resorts with full kitchen facilities sleeping 6 to 8 people. Your immediate family, brothers and sisters can also go without you having to be with them. Say goodbye to all the maintenance fees and exchange fees.

Check out a plan that comes with a great compensation package which pays you commissions when other people join in under you. Remember that it's just a one time fee for life that can easily be made up on just the vacations without doing anything else. It's not to hard to do the math because you save $ 700.00 to $ 1,000 per vacation and you have your investment back with two to three of them.

There are people who have built a future just promoting this business. This has become their major source of income, and it isn't hard to do when you have such a wonderful program. The key is to educate people about other alternatives rather than buying into a time share and introduce them to the same 4 and 5 star resorts for 4 times less; let alone the compensation program that comes with the opportunity.

It's fabulous travel opportunity with and added business venture.

Source by Scotty B Jones

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