How Equal Level Marketing Has Changed Trends in Network Marketing – How You Can Make It Work For You

Network marketing has been much the same since its inception and many people have been at a stalemate and not moving forward. This has been because the only ones who are making money out of the system are the lucky ones who are at the top of the system or matrix and who are experienced enough to be able to introduce others and sponsor a reasonable down line and have a large team.

How can it work for others who do not have this ability or who are new but have a desire to make this work for them, something has been needed that would cater to the needs of the masses not just the select few.

The main problem that needed to be addressed was that the top of the matrix always remained the same and that one never did well unless they had the ability to get into those top positions.

They then had the credibility to tell others that they were making a good income and would therefore gain followers. If the followers were builders they also saw reasonable success, but what if some of these followers were new to this type of business or belonged to the NFL (no friends left) club? How were they going to develop a team or get anywhere no matter how much desire they had to change their circumstances?

Only very recently through a dream of an entrepreneur who has seen many people who have become so frustrated in their attempts in the network marketing arena and has had such a deep desire to help those people achieve their dreams that were previously reserved for the select few.

He had been looking for such a long time to find a way that would be fair to all and would give equal opportunity to everyone in the market place. This was a very complex problem as most of the matrixes and systems did not allow this and no matter how much they were changed they would still not function correctly and do what was required to do to make it equal for all participants.

The solution was looking more and more complex even though at times it looked close, there just seemed to be one ingredient missing. How could the top position be changed to different people over and over again so that everyone had the opportunity to experience being at the top of the matrix and experience the benefits of this top position.

When no solution is in sight and frustration is at its highest, answers often come and come they did in the form of Equal Level Marketing.

Equal Level Marketing is exactly that … EQUAL! and everyone at last has the same opportunity.

  • No longer to you have to worry about being a newbie and failing.
  • No longer do you have to have a huge team to succeed.
  • No longer do you have to recruit and sponsor straight away.
  • No longer do you have to offend anyone by saying you are successful when you aren't.
  • No longer do you have to be afraid of being in the No Friends Left Club.

Instead you find that you are in amongst friends who will help you every step of the way.

This new patent pending style of Equal Level Marketing has burst onto the internet through an organization that is dedicated to changing the world.

What better way to introduce this to the masses than this, now everyone has the same chance to experience "life at the top" and all have an equal chance to earn money by entering an ever changing matrix that flips itself upside down and the last becomes first and the matrix starts all over again.

The excitement that is generated as the last hours count down to the closing of the matrix so that it can flip is amazing as people clamber to get in and perhaps be the last person in before the flip and be in the top of the matrix when it re opens. It is even more frantic in the last few minutes when desperation to get in comes into play.

Imagine what it will be with the very real possibility of the matrix holding a million people and what will happen then.

Each participant gets paid on each level below them except for the bottom row which moves to the top in the flip. The rush to enter the flip at the last minute then will be phenomenal and the person who is the last and then becomes the last will realize all their dreams at once!

Can you see the power that a system like this has to change the world as we know it and make the lives of many ordinary people so different?

The world has been longing for change as the network marketing industry grew stale and more tried it as an option for a better life. Now that option can become a reality and the ordinary folk can mingle with the big marketers but all can enjoy the same level of success.

This can mean so much to an ordinary family to enjoy ….

  • A better quality of life.
  • More quality time with their family.
  • Less stress in their lives.
  • Less financial burden on their families.
  • More opportunity for the family as a whole
  • More self confidence and self esteem
  • The opportunity to work from home in the hours of your choice
  • An income opportunity for work at home mums.
  • A supplement for retirees who are on little disposable income have a better quality of life as they age.
  • Help everyone who are feeling the effects of the current financial times.
  • Help people save their homes and keep a roof over their head.

So the future is looking brighter for those who are searching for the answers that they thought they would never find and the impossible becomes possible.

No more do we use the phrase IMAGINE IF …

Through a dream, dreams are becoming a reality and for the first time many are realizing the dreams that they thought would never happen to them as it only ever happens to others and not to them.

This change will continue to grow as EQUAL LEVEL MARKETING takes center stage and changes the world many people at a time.

Through all the greed and disappointment of the past has come a system that now equalises the playing field for all participants.

Equal Level Marketing (ELM) is the way of the future … look out for it and enjoy the abundance that will come your way and share it with others

Patricia Evans .

Source by Patricia June Evans

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