Prospecting The Wrong People For Your Network Marketing Business

Did you know that there is such a thing as prospecting the wrong people for your network marketing business? It is true. Many people are not like you. Being their own boss always sounds good but once it comes time to do something about it they never do.

Many people will try prospecting anyone and everyone hoping that they will sign up with them in their business. Most of the time people will say they aren't interested. However, you may get someone who wants to try. They have these big ideas in their heads about being their own boss. They feel that they sign up and the money will just start rolling in. The person that is their upline tries and tries to get them to start working their business. Many people sign up and don't even know where to begin to start making money in their business, not to mention sign others up to build their team. Even if they were to sign someone up like themselves how would they train them? You spend so much time on one person like this to try and mold them into a good downline when you could actually be out there finding someone who truly should be in network marketing. They may have had a network marketing business and know how much work it takes to build their business. Also, they would know the steps it takes to build a successful business.

You can think of it this way, do you think that the professional teams whether it be basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc just go out and ask someone off the street to join their team? No, they look for players that have experience in the sport, know the plays, rules etc so they are not having to teach them everything from scratch and try to mold them into the player they are looking for.

It is the same thing for your network marketing business. You need to find someone that is interested in network marketing. Someone who knows how to run a business and has an interest in becoming a network marketer. They may be even switching over from another company and have instant connections with people that they have already established a relationship with which would help build their business that much faster!

So when prospecting for your business always realize that not everyone wants to be in network marketing or own their own home based business.

Source by Nicki Jennings

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