The Key to Success With Network Marketing

What causes some people to join an on-line business and succeed and others fail? Many times it really is that the business is just hype or the owners are not giving the distributors the real facts about how to succeed. Those of us who have marketed on-line for years have stories about building down-lines only to learn that the company closed the doors forever and so our monthly checks did not arrive as we planned. However network marking is once again making a great come-back. It's time to embrace this amazing method of distributing products.

In 2011 I had built a good down-line and worked hard but the company went out of business. I sent my down-line a message explaining what happened and vowed I would never do down-line building ever again: this was my third horror story.

After this happened I worked with small brick and mortar business owners to grow their customer base. While this was successful, I was not building my customer base because helping other business owners grow their business was extremely time-consuming.

About nine months ago I was searching on-line for a product to help my dog ​​Harlow. After several weeks I almost quit because everything I bought and tried for her just did not work. But as always I just had to try one more time. And I'm so happy I made that last attempt. I found the product and three months later I was so excited about the results that I signed up as a distributor.

The company over-delivered on the product, so did the training and the pay plan. What I had forgotten was that when I controlled people most of them would join and do nothing. The company even offered a free membership level to join and a distributor could sell the product to activate their membership to a paid level. But even at the free level people still did nothing.

I worked and enjoyed the rewards of having members that did want to work and I could see their business growth daily. It really is a great feeling to know that helping others get what they need is giving me not only what I need but now the things I have wanted.

Still the members who joined free just baffled me. They had nothing to lose. And then I met Kayla. She is just over twenty years old, lives in a very poor country, and speaks no English. Kayla joined at the free level.

She learned to just copy and paste banners and ads on Face-book groups and great her business. She was relentless. Suddenly her down-line began to grow rapidly. After three months Kayla had thousands of dollars on both sides of her business. It was amazing to watch. She has signed-up people world-wide and used Google translate to communicate.

Kayla is a great example that if a person works, success happens.

Source by Patricia A Gaines

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