Network Marketing Income – 5 Tips to Triple Your Network Marketing Income and Quadruple Your Results

Targeted Focus is Critical – To be successful in your business, you must focus but targeted focus comes from a lot of work. Start by trying to focus for 10 minutes and once you do that, you can move onto greater levels. Soon it will become a habit to increase your focus and you will train yourself to break through to higher levels.

Be Proud of your Business – The key to being successful in a Network Marketing Business is to be proud of your business. If you care not proud of your business, then you must ask yourself why you are in the business or, more importantly, why you are not proud of things that you are involved with. This is an issue that you want to make sure you address.

Work from Abundance – I am always afraid that I am running out of time. Starting Saturday night, I start worrying about having to go to work on Monday morning. To steal some more time, I will get up early on Sunday morning to give myself the feeling that I have more time. There are only 24 hours in a day but how your mind perceives this time can be very different.

Take Risks and Make Mistakes – We are taught from a very young age not to make mistakes. This training has been very nervous and very cautious in our actions. This can be very dangerous. Almost any mistake that does not kill you can be corrected easily.

Clean your Desk to Clean your Mind – I find that when I get a mental block, doing a little cleaning always does the trick to free up a little mind space for myself. I am not suggesting that you spend the whole day cleaning, but if you can do a little bit of cleaning you may find that your mental capacity can increase a little bit to get you over the finish line.

Source by Justin Finkelstein

How to Build Your Network Marketing Downline (Marketing Online)

The main reason you want to build your down line is that you want a bigger team so that you can start making more money and increase your residual income. The best way of growing your down line and having more people to join your team is you need to learn how to market properly and to their needs. You need a system in place that will take care of the entire telling and selling process for you so you can be doing other things. If you are wasting all your time with just a few people everyday and hiring they will join you are going to fail. Let me explain.

First thing is you need a system that you can drive all your traffic to and your prospects can just go through it and you do not have to talk to them until they purchase or ready to join. You can have a site put in order for you to just drive traffic to it and once your prospects get to the site they will go through it and it will give them all the information they need and testimonials. Also you can have videos, pictures, articles, and a lot more for them to refer to. This will build a rapport so strong they will join without you having to talk to them or even seeing them. The power of the internet is powerful. That is not it.

Second you need marketing education such as learning how to make and distribute videos all over the net, writing and distributing articles and press releases, email blasts to thousands of people world wide, social media networking, and many more marketing methods that can drive hundreds of leads a day to your site! Now that is leverage of the internet and using it to make you the money you really deserve. This education and training can be taught by the top producers online along with the support you will be well on your way to success if you really want to. Here is the best part.

Third is you need a unique product line that is going to pay you big responsibilities so you see results quick. For example a few thousand per sale. You think that is impossible? Then let me reveal the impossible! There are many wealth building and financial product lines paying a few thousand per sale that have been proven to benefit and give value to anyone world wide. What if you had a chance to use everything discussed in this article from the system to the marketing to the product line that will pay you a few thousand per sale? Now for my favorite part.

Source by Elie Nassour

Network Marketers Can Utilize Educational Marketing to Increase Sales

What is Educational Marketing

Educational marketing is an alternative to the "hard sell" approach that has been a part of network marketing in the past. When you engage in educational marketing, you're not marketing your business opportunity – you're marketing information. Of course, you're indirectly selling your opportunity by creating an interest. However, it is not the traditional sales pitch that provides your prospects with no real information.

Positioning Yourself as a Leader

Ann Sieg, author of The Renegade Network Marketer , says that success depends on positioning yourself as a leader. I have found that I can set myself apart from other network marketers by providing my prospects with valuable information, even before they ever sign onto my opportunity.

This is what's known as education marketing. Educational marketing is one way to establish yourself as a leader in the field of network marketing. If you're going to give educational marketing a try, you must first know what you should be educating your prospects about. The answer? How to build a business.

The Benefits of Educational Marketing

At first glance, this looks counter intuitive. After all, if they know how to build a business, why would they sign up for your opportunity? Why not strike out on their own? According to Ann Sieg, the reason for teaching your prospects how to build a business is two-fold.

First, reading about starting a business will get them excited about your opportunity. They will say to you, "Now that I know how to start a business, I need a business to start!" Luckily, it turns out you have an opportunity just waiting for them! What you have also done is convert your business opportunity into an "add-on" sale. That is, rather than trying to sell the opportunity upfront, you are offering it at a later time when your customer's interest is piqued. Add-on sales, as a rule, are far easier to make than the initial sale.

Second, sharing this type of valuable knowledge proves that you are an expert. People want to work with an expert because it improves their odds of success. Instead of just claiming to be a leader in network marketing, you are showing them you are an expert at building a business.

Use Educational Marketing to Ease Their Fears

In many areas of life, not just network marketing, lack of knowledge is a major cause of fear. Educating your prospects, then, is the most effective way to assuage their concerns about network marketing. Exaggerated statements such as "You can make $ 5000 a week doing only 10 minutes of work each day!" do not address a prospects

Your prospects want to know how their investment is going to translate into profit. If you can provide them with the answers, you will gain their trust, and you will be the person they turn to when they are ready to get started. I had an opportunity to put this theory into practice at a recent Networking Event and was surprised at the amount of interest I generated by sharing some of the knowledge I had gained by reading the e book. At least four people approached me following the meeting to get more information from me.


Educational marketing possesses true value. The plain old sales pitch does not possess value. Your information product, then, should not be a sales pitch disguised as an article or e book. The information should stand alone as a worthy retail product. Providing your prospects with informative, entertaining and unique content should be your focus. Investing in a person before they have committed to you is the best way to prove that you really care about their success.

Source by Gina Meyerson

Succeeding In Network Marketing

I'm writing this article in hopes to reach the people out there that are interested in improving their financial lifestyle. The people that are willing to work for it instead of the people that are looking for the easy button to push. I mean hey we all want the easy button from time to time but when it comes to building a business from home you will need to think in reality, and that means work. Not like shoveling concrete in the sun work, but it will require some persistent effort and not giving up, because that is what 97 percent of people in my business do is give up.

I will be the first to admit it, I have done the same thing, I gave up on the first two business ventures I was involved in. I was expecting to get in tell a few people about my business and then sit back and wait for the snowball effect to take over, and then I would just ride the wave on in to the bank. Many of us have, and many of us have been taught that it would have pretty much like that. I ended up putting quite a bit more money out than I thought I would have to, and when I did not see money rolling back in right away, I quit. Sound familiar?

One of the things I would encourage when you are first starting out, is to find a business that does not require you to spend a lot of money on their products monthly in order to keep you in the game. They do exist, not a lot of them but they are out there. Doing this will allow you to spend money on the other important things you need to buy in order to keep you rolling, like leads, and advertising. These are things you will need without a doubt, the myth about passing out DVD's to your friends and family is a joke.

Unless you have an unlimited supply of money in your account to pay for advertising, leads, and various means to drive traffic to your site or your phone, it will be good for you to start out small, and learn the methods of marketing to improve your skill set. And while you are doing this it really helps to not be spending a ton of money on a minimum amount of product in the meantime. In most of the network marketing businesses out there today, that is what keeps them growing is that product moving. They of course tell you to buy "samples" that you can pass out to your prospects. Has that worked for you? Really? Not for me.

If you are willing to put some effort into it, take it seriously like it is actually a business then you are already ahead of the game. Many people get into their home based business starting out with the "I guess so," mindset. That means they were doomed from the start, they were not really going anywhere to begin with. They were not really in enough pain with the struggle of living week to week, payday to payday. It did not matter enough to them, and it was not really a big deal if they just had to go back to that job. Well it is for me, going back to that struggle is not an option, not now, not ever.

Another important factor is to teach your downline how to do the same things you are doing in order to retain the members in your business. I mean think about it, network marketing is an awesome design. It's an excellent plan. It's a ll about people helping people to achieve goals that they never thought they would be able to see. Taking their families on vacations to places they did not think they would ever go. If you really want your business to be successful you will have to keep your recruits recruited. If they do not see any kind of results they'll drop out, so help them out. Do whatever you have to do to get them going, most of the time all they need is a little push and to see some kind of action.

I'm not saying to build their downline for them, you do that and you are defeating the purpose of the multi levels, right? Just put yourself in their shoes and remember what it was like with you, and the things that helped you to get you going. Doing this will improve your retention rate by leaps and bounds.

Source by Faron Gray

Network Security Tips for Large and Small Businesses

Know Who, Why, and How One is Targeted: It is no longer good enough for businesses to think they are not vulnerable to an attack. Many attacks are not even targeted attacks. Hackers often send a wide range of emails in the hopes that they will get a response. Targeted attacks are more dangerous as the hackers target a specific business and their key information such as finances, SEC filings, personnel … etc. A targeted attack looks for sensitive information and the network server becomes the main target.

Anti-DDoS Solutions: It is important to have efficient DDoS protection. When a DDoS attack occurs, resources such as processing power, storage capacity, and bandwidth, are overwhelmed and drained, leaving no resources for legitimate traffic requests. The software works by analyzing incoming traffic and filtering out any malicious packets. This prevails the server from being flooded with traffic which stops normal server functions and takes the server offline.

Maintain the Most Current Security Software: It is essential that every business makes sure they have the latest security software protection. Because there are always emerging viruses, Trojans, worms, and malware, it is important to have the latest security software that provides complete protection against malicious elements that are designed to penetrate the server. You can find quality security software solutions that offer complete protection against the latest threats. As well, make sure you are constantly updating your security software.

Think Before You Click: There are security rules that should be followed by everyone in the business. Do not click on anything in a received email. Be wary of spear-phishing attacks seeking competitive intelligence or corporate espionage, so do not click on any advertising links in an email. Use unique email addresses to keep password reset emails to a minimum. Delete email requests for information requests regarding personal information, financial information, and asking you to reset your password. If you receive a password reset notification in your work e-mail instead of the address for your website, immediately delete it.

Patch Often: Patching is absolutely necessary to maintaining security. Set a day and time each month to do all of your patching. As well, make sure you update your hardware. The risk of malicious software from P2P (peer to peer) networks is high so do not allow P2P for your business server. As well, unpatched servers should never have access to the Internet.

Today, because there are so much abusive activity taking place online, businesses must take information security seriously. If they do not, they are at risk of data theft and expensive outages.

Source by Chris Armer

Network Marketing Secrets and Success

Contrary to popular belief, network marketing is not the easiest ways to richest like many make it seem. It takes A LOT of hard work and dedication. If you decide to go this route, you are now an entrepreneur and as one, the possibilities to make money will be expanded but the ability to do so will take focus. Let's look at some "secrets" that will ensure success for you and your business.

1. Never forget that this is now YOUR business – This is not a job, this is YOUR business. Your paycheck is determined by how hard you work and you must never lose sight of this. There is no easy way around hard work. If you want to slack off and make money, stick to a regular hourly job. If you want to get paid through this industry, you MUST put in your work.

2. Commit yourself – Whether it may be your business, a sport, becoming a musician, or anything else, you have to make a commitment in order to succeed. Take a minute and set your goals now. Do you want to be a millionaire by next year? Do you want to make enough to quit your day job by next month? Commit yourself, write out your goals, and do not stop working at it.

3. Build that downline – Commit to recruiting daily. Work hard now so your downlines will work hard for you later. Remember that only 5-10% of your downlines will be working as hard as you so you must work overtime to ensure you recruit more hard workers to make money for you.

4. Collect e-mails to build your contact lists – You do not have to stop your recruiting within your city or region. The internet is limitless in opportunity, take advantage of this! The first step is to create yourself a landing page to collect e-mails. A landing page is simply a webpage that catches someone's attention and also has a small area for your prospects to put their e-mail if they are interested in your product. If you have no web developing knowledge, you could always hire one for a small fee or use a squeeze page generator service.

5. Outsource your work – Once you find a good formula that gets you results, outsource! By outsourcing, I mean having a third party take care of your work for you so you can apply your efforts into bigger and better things. You can teach your downlines to follow your successful formula so they can bring success to themselves and you at the same time or you can hire out a third party to do the work for you as long as you come out profitable!

Source by Eric Tsan

Security Is the Core of the SMB Network

There seems to be a shared sense of confidence by small and mid-sized businesses that their organization will not ever face a critical security breach. If I had a dime for every SMB owner or decision maker who dismissed potential security threats, I'd be able to buy a yacht. The truth is there's no safe haven when it comes to security, and no organization is safe; not the largest retailers, the smallest mom and pop distributors, or any size organization in between.

Verizon Business performed a study in 2010 of the amount and severity of data breaches and found alarming statistics. The Data Breach Report showed that there were 760 intrusions in 2010, compared to just 141 in 2009 (Baker, et al., 2010). Ironically, the amount of data affected or otherwise compromised was lower than in previous years, but at the end of the day, what impact would only one security incident have on your business? It could be something relatively minor such as some hooligan desecrating your website, or it could be a serious incursion into your sales records, customer payment information, and / or intellectual property. What would that type of bread cost your business? Only you know the answer to that.

In general, network security can be categorized as either physical or virtual. One of the best security documents I have ever seen was written by Richard Kissel for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the US Department of Commerce. In it, Kissel described essential considerations for every small and mid-sized business regardless of industry or specialization. According to Kissel, the main areas to note are "'absolutely necessary' steps to take, highly recommended practices to avoid problems before they happen, and other optional planning contingencies in case of an issue." (Kissel, 2009) Most of these three sections are further divided into the two distinctions previously mentioned, physical and virtual.

Physical security is fairly straightforward to address. Essentially, it encompasses the mitigation of any direct attempt to access facilities and / or assets by a person or group. Measures to consider include the obvious locked doors, security cameras, security guards, etc., but potential areas of compromise also include some that are not so obvious. Not making sure that non-employee personnel are on the up-and-up can be a huge oversight. Maybe someone someone on the cleaning crew has light fingers, or enough technical know-how to penetrate your network. This is the perfect application for an IP camera. There are some all-purpose units like the APC NetBotz product line that combines environmental and intrusion monitoring with IP cameras to collect data for a defined period of time. Email alerts are available for staff or other describees who can then act on the information provided.

There are instances where physical and virtual elements of network security merge, and a great example of this is a token-based solution. The user has either a key "fob" or other physical device that generates a random passcode as needed for an entrance to an inner network as a sign on. If lost, the device can not be accessed without proper credentials, and an IT buffer can wipe it remotely of all information. Some of these solutions, including offerings from RSA, that place a software widget on employee endpoints to perform the same function. These token-based solutions can be very expensive, which is often a stopping point for most SMB organizations. However, for those who are extraordinarily sensitive to the potential of a break, it could be money well spent.

You've locked your doors, trained your personnel, and added purpose-built IP "eyes" to keep watch. So now you can address outside threats, but where do you start? Most networks in the modern world are protected by a firewall. The term "firewall" originates from the firefighting community, and in that world, a firewall is a barrier established to prevent the spread of fire. In a way, this is the basic function of a network firewall as the goal is to keep out anything that can damage your infrastructure.'s broad definition of a firewall is "a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server that protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks." (, 2000) Did you notice that this definition did not specify hardware or software? That's because it does not have to! Typically an SMB network might include an appliance such as those built by Cisco, SonicWALL, or Barracuda. However, there's no reason a network firewall can not be software, as mentioned in the definition above, which can be located on the network router or the main server. A good example of this are the firewall services built into the operating system of the Cisco router line.

Other applications that function within the firewall sphere include anti-virus / anti-malware, content filtering, and intrusion prevention. The first is a way to mitigate the infiltration of viruses, spyware, and the like through email or other "friendly" traffic. Content filtering prevails employees and other users from surfing websites that are not business-related, that can pose potential risks, or are in subject matter in subject matter. Intrusion prevention is designed to fend off attacks from hackers and automated groups of networks or PCs looking to exploit any network flaw or unprotected opening.

While the firewall is the most common application for security-conscious organizations, it should not be the only measure taken to keep the infrastructure safe. It's important to secure other entry points like wireless networks, user PCs, and laptops. Wireless networks should have an enhanced security protocol for access such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WEP (Wired-Equivalency Protocol). In many cases, if the attacker has to work to break-in they will likely move on to an easier target. Individual users with laptops can inadvertently bring bad things inside your firewall. Maybe some casual home surfing deposits malware that's not seen because it's outside the network borders. It's imperative that when the machine is reconnected, potential threats are scanned and quarantined before they can propagate through the network.

Some security risks are borne out of user behavior which suggests the need for best-practice policies to be in place regardless of investments in hardware and software. These include, but are not limited to:

• Requiring users to change passwords every 30 to 60 days

• Requiring passwords to contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one special character

• Limiting access to various areas of the network dependent on user types and job function

Since training is imperative, users should be required to sign off on receipt of these guidelines as well as an agreement to abide by them.

Having physical and virtual security is not enough. Routine maintenance on these devices and software is critical to keeping it safe. The first step is to make sure all patches and firmware are up-to-date on network endpoints and core devices. Secondly, your maintenance program should include verified, usable backups of all critical data, and there are a variety of different methods, from old tape drives, to newer external hard drives, to seamless remote electronic backup solutions.

The choice of backup solution has everything to do with budget and tolerance for downtime. For most, having data automatically encrypted and routed offsite to a secure location gives the best peace of mind and a valid disaster recovery platform to mitigate the loss should a situation occurs.

There have been documented instances of information loss due to poor practices in disposing of documents and old hardware. I think back to a scene in the movie Animal House when several members of Delta fraternity were rooting through a dumpster to find a copy of their midterm test. Do not fool yourself into thinking that there are not individuals or organizations that would take such steps. Law enforcement has cracked open near-dead cases based on evidence obtained from trash receptacles and landfills. Once it's out for collection, trash becomes public property and anyone has access to it. Fully shredding organizational documents, not just financial documents, is vital. This rule does not just refer to paper; it includes hard drives, data collection, or any network device that stores data. Remember, properly destroyed data should always be accompanied by a certificate of destruction. If your organization is required to maintain governmental compliance, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley, taking these preclusions may not be an option but a requirement.

One other thing, which is related to training, is the awareness of the impact of "social engineering." defines this concept as "a personal or electronic attempt to obtain unauthorized information or access to systems / facilities or sensitive areas by manipulating people." We've all seen phishing scams claiming we've won the lottery in a foreign country, or that our cousin is stranded somewhere and needs money wired immediately. The same kinds of scams can be targeted at a business using a sympathetic ear on the phone to gain access, or a tear-jerking email to get an unsuspecting employee to click a link to help stray animals. Once again, education and training will eliminate such breaches.

The bottom line is there's a world of bad things out there that is looking for a chance to make an impact. Not heeding the warnings could be costly, as nearly 50% of small businesses fail within two years of a total or catastrophic data loss or event. So security should be priority one in making sure your organization is on the right track. Do not let your guard down and stay vigilant, and the resulting peace of mind is irreplaceable.

Source by Bryan Ramona

How To Become A Network Marketing Super Hero

So, you're walking down the street and you hear a loud scream! Help, help, someone took my purse !! You spring into action, looking for a phone booth to make a quick costume change ….. you get the picture! Well, I do not know about you, but I do not really have any super powers. I can not tell you how to stop bank robbers or muggers, but what I can tell you is how to become a network marketing super hero!

Well, first and foremost, according to the super hero code, you have to be a good guy. In doing so, we have to be up front and honest with our prospects and business teams. Always be truthful and you can not go wrong. Lot's of times we may be tempted to inflate our level of success. Do not do it! It is better to be a beginner than a liar. Leave all of that stuff to the villains.

I guess super heroes have special powers, so in order to lead teams of people, we must hone ours. How do we do that? Easy, read books on personal development, listen to leadership Courses on CD's, attend business seminars, and always be present at your company's events. Take a serious interest in developing yourself personally. Invest in developing yourself as someone people will follow. Become an expert in building relationships. This is what trust, and your future business success will be built upon. Take action, and practice what you preach.

Lastly, you need to become bullet proof. Now let's clarify this quickly for safety sake! This is weapons free exercise. What I mean is to be immune to other peoples negative opinions and attitudes as you build your business. There will be some that tell you those things never work. Others will laugh at you. There may even be a few that not only tell you that they will not join your business opportunity, but because you should not be doing it either. These are some of the challenges you have to expect up front. Know that it's going to happen, chuckle, and move on.

To have success, and be a part of the home based business super friends, follow these tips. Now go get your capes!

Source by Scott Carrell

MLM Coach – Find The Right Mentor to Succeed in Network Marketing

I would recommend on getting with a MLM Coach if you are an inexperienced network marketer. The Multi-Level Marketing industry is simple to learn and has a low investment to get started in the business. It has an estimated potential to make 6-7 figures in Network Marketing if you know how to promote your business opportunity correctly.

A lot of people will enroll in a business with a lot of hype without the proper training or mentoring. So many marketers have high expectations that they think they will make the big bucks right away. Nonetheless, they will be frustrating and will quit the business within 30-60 days after signing up with a company. There would not be a lot of claims, if they knew an unlimited potential in the MLM industry and beyond. This would not be made possible without a MLM Coach.

Definition Of A MLM Coach

It has to do with in obtaining guidance from a mentor as they become recognized to find their own answers in reaching their goals from their own accountability and own objectives in the business.

Your MLM Coach can be your upline in your primary business opportunity. Nonetheless, your learning the traditional marketing techniques that only works for 3% of marketers in the industry. So, it would be better to find a Network Marketing coach outside of your network. Therefore, an individual has nothing to lose or gain from your performance that can be more objective in the industry.

It will not be a great idea to hire a coach because that person might not be trained to coach. Neverheless, a coach may bring in your knowledge into your coaching experience that might slow you down or your business in the industry.

Accountability And Action Steps To Succeed In Business

So being a successful entrepreneur is being accountable in your business and the ability to action in Network Marketing. So slowly take one action step at a time that you can thrive as a marketer. So having the idea of ​​getting a MLM coach can help you stay focused and being consistent in your business. Having a Network Marketing coach can also help you become a leader in the industry because you learn from experience from a mentor and to use what you have learned from your coach. Therefore, you need to teach those strategies to your downline in your Multi-Level Marketing team.

An experienced coach has integrity and might tell things that you might not want to hear. You just need to hear the words, so you can be accountable and take action to thrive in your business opportunity. You will feel more confidence in yourself for seeing a MLM coach on a regularly basis. Therefore, getting guidance from a coach then you will achieve success, not only in business but becoming a leader what you want to be.

Source by Danny Yoon