Network Security Across the Enterprise – Stop Gap Measures to Help You Protect Your Network

Today's business networks consist of numerous remote access connections from employees and outsourcing firms. Too often, the inherent security risks arising from these connections outside the network are overlooked. Continued improvements have been made that can enhance security in today's network infrastructure; taking particular focus on the users accessing the network externally and monitoring access end-points are critical for businesses to protect their digital assets.

Installing the correct software for the specific needs of your IT infrastructure is essential to having the best security protection possible. Many companies install "off the shelf" security software and assume they are protected. Unfortunately, that is not the case due to the nature of today's network threats. Threads are diverse in nature, including the usual spam, spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, and the occasional possibility that a hacker has targeted your servers.

The proper security solution for your organization will neutralize all of these threats to your network. Too often, with only a software package installed, network administrators spend a lot of their time at the perimeter of the network defending its integrity by manually fending off attacks and then manually patching the security breach.

Paying network administrators to defend the integrity of your network is an expensive proposition – much more so than installing the proper security solution that your network requires. Network administrators have many other responsibilities that need their attention. Part of their job is to make your business operate more efficiently – they can not focus on this if they have to manually defend the network infrastructure all the time.

Another threat that must be considered is the threat occurring from within the perimeter, in other words, an employee. Sensitive proprietary information is most often stolen by someone on the payroll. A proper network security solution must guard against these kinds of attacks also. Network administrators certainly have their role in this area by creating security policies and strictly enforcing them.

A smart strategy to give your network the protection it needs against the various security threats is a layered security approach. Layered security is a customized approach to your network's specific requirements utilizing both hardware and software solutions. Once the hardware and software is working simultaneously to protect your company, both are able to instantaneously update their capabilities to handle the latest in security threats.

Security software can be configured to update multiple times a day if the need be; hardware updates typically consist of firmware upgrades and an update wizard much like that present within the software application.

All-in-one Security Suites A multi-pronged strategy should be implemented to combat the multiple sources of security threats in today's corporate networks. Too often, the sources of these threats are overlapping with Trojans arriving in spam or spyware hidden within a software installation. Combating these threats requires the use of firewalls, anti-spyware, malware and anti-spam protection.

Recently, the trend in the software industry has been combined to previously separate security applications into an all-encompassing security suite. Security applications standard on corporate networks are integrating into security suites that focus on a common goal. These security suites contain antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and firewall protection all packaged together in one application. Searching out the best stand-alone applications in each security risk category is still an option, but no longer a necessity.

The all-in-one security suite will save a company money in reduced software purchasing costs and time with the ease of integrated management of the various threat sources.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) A TPM is a standard developed by the Trusted Computing Group defining hardware specifications that generate encryption keys. TPM chips not only guard against intrusion attempts and software attacks but also physical theft of the device containing the chip. TPM chips work as a compliment to user authentication to enhance the authentication process.

Authentication describes all processes involved in determining whether a user granted access to the corporate network is, in fact, who that user claims to be. Authentication is most often gifted through use of a password, but other techniques invve biometrics that uniquely identify a user by identifying a unique trait no other person has such a fingerprint or characteristics of the eye cornea.

Today, TPM chips are often integrated into standard desktop and laptop motherboards. Intel began integrating TPM chips into its motherboards in 2003, as did other motherboard manufactures. Whether or not a motherboard has this chip will be contained within the specifications of that motherboard.

These chips encrypt data on the local level, providing enhanced security at a remote location such as the WiFi hotspot full of innocent looking computer-users who may be bored hackers with malicious intent. Microsoft's Ultimate and Enterprise versions of the Vista Operating System utilize this technology within the BitLocker Drive Encryption feature.

While Vista does provide support for TPM technology, the chips are not dependent upon any platform to function.

TPM has the same functionality on Linux as it does within the Windows operating system. There are even specifications from Trusted Computing Group for mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones.

To use TPM enhanced security, network users only need to download the security policy to their desktop machine and run a setup wizard that will create a set of encryption keys for that computer. Following these simple steps significantly improves security for the remote computer user.

Admission Based on User Identity Establishing a user's identity depends upon successfully passing the authentication processes. As previously mentioned user authentication can involve much more than a user name and password. Beside the emerging biometrics technology for user authentication, smart cards and security tokens are another method that enhances the user name / password authentication process.

The use of smart cards or security tokens adds a hardware layer requirement to the authentication process. This creates a two-tier security requirement, one a secret password and the other a hardware requirement that the secure system must recognize before granting access.

Tokens and smart cards operate in essentially the same fashion but have a different appearance. Tokens take on the appearance of a flash drive and connection through a USB port while smart cards require special hardware, a smart card reader, that connects to the desktop or laptop computer. Smart cards often take on the appearance of an identification badge and may contain a photo of the employee.

However authentication is verified, once this happens a user should be granted access through a secure virtual network (VLAN) connection. A VLAN establishes connections to the remote user as if that person was a part of the internal network and allows for all VLAN users to be grouped together within distinct security policies.

Remote users connecting through a VLAN should only have access to essential network resources and how those resources can be copied or modified should be carefully monitored.

Specifications established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have resolved in what is known as the secure VLAN (S-VLAN) architecture. Also commonly referred to as tag-based VLAN, the standard is known as 802.1q. It enhances VLAN security by adding an extra tag within media access control (MAC) addresses that identify network adapter hardware within a network. This method will prevent unidentified MAC addresses from accessing the network.

Network Segmentation This concept, working hand-in-hand with VLAN connections, determines what resources a user can access remotely using policy enforcement points (PEPs) to enforce the security policy through the network segments. Furthermore, the VLAN, or S-VLAN, can be treated as a separate segment with its own PEP requirements.

PEP works with a user's authentication to enforce the network security policy. All users connecting to the network must be guaranteed by the PEP that they meet the security policy requirements contained within the PEP. The PEP determines what network resources a user can access, and how these resources can be modified.

The PEP for VLAN connections should be enhanced from what the same user can do with the resources internally. This can be accomplished through network segmentation simply being defining the VLAN connections as a separate segment and enforcing a uniform security policy across that segment. Defining a policy in this manner can also define what internal network segments the client can access from a remote location.

Keeping VLAN connections as a separate segment also isolates security breaches to that segment if one were to occur. This keeps the security break from spreading through the corporate network. Enhancing network security even further, a VLAN segment could be handled by it's own virtualized environment, thus isolating all remote connections within the corporate network.

Centralized Security Policy Management Technology hardware and software targeting the different facets of security threats create multiple software platforms that all must be separately managed. If done incorrectly, this can create a daunting task for network administration and can increase staffing costs due to the increased time requirements to manage the technologies (whether they be hardware and / or software).

Integrated security software suites centralize the security policy by combining all security threats attacks into one application, thus requiring only one management console for administration purposes.

Depending on the type of business you're in a security policy should be used corporate-wide that is all-encompassing for the entire network. Administrators and management can define the security policy separately, but one overriding definition of the policy needs to be maintained so that it is uniform across the corporate network. This ensures there are no other security procedures working against the centralized policy and limiting what the policy was defined to implement.

Not only does a centralized security policy become easier to manage, but it also reduces strain on network resources. Multiple security policies defined by different applications focusing on one security threat can aggregately hog much more bandwidth than a centralized security policy contained within an all-encompassing security suite. With all the threats coming from the Web, ease of management and application is essential to maintaining any corporate security policy.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. I trust my employees. Why should I enhance network security?

Even the most trusted employees can pose a risk of a network security breach. It is important that employees follow established company security standards. Enhancing security will guard against lapsing employees and the occasional disgruntled employee seeking to cause damage to the network.

2. Do these innovations really create a secure environment for remote access?

Yes they do. These enhancements not only greatly enhance a secure VLAN connection but they also use widely accepted standards that are often integrated into common hardware and software. It's there, your company only needs to start using the technology.

3. My company is happy with using separate software, that way way application can focus on a separate security threat. Why should I consider an all-in-one security suite?

Many of the popular software applications commonly used by businesses have expanded their focus to identify all security threats. This includes solutions from both software and hardware appliance technology manufacturers. Many of these firms saw the need to consolidate security early on and purchased smaller software firms to gain that knowledge their firm was lacking. A security suite at the application level, will make management much easier and your IT staff will thank you for it.

4. Do I need to add a hardware requirement to the authentication process?

Requiring the use of security tokens or smart cards should be considered for employees accessing the company network from a remote site. Particularly if that employee needs access to sensitive company information while on the road, a simple flash drive secure token requires a thief from accessing that sensitive data on a stolen laptop.

5. With all this concern about WiFi hotspots should employees be required not to use these locations to connect to the company network?

WiFi hotspots have sprung up nationwide and present the easiest method for your remote employees to access the Internet. Unfortunately, hotspots can also be full of bored, unemployed hackers who have nothing better to do than find a way to intercept a busy employee's transmissions at the next table. That's not to say employees on the road should avoid hotspots. That would severely limit them from accessing the network at all. With technologies like S-VLAN and secure authentication in place, a business can implement technologies to reduce threats both now and in the future.

Implementing the latest network security technologies is a high priority for IT Management. In today's network environment with many users accessing your digital assets remotely, it's critical to get your network security correct during the planning phase of the integration process.

Obviously, it should be noted that most large companies have multiple operating systems running (Windows, Mac O / S, etc) and that for many of these companies all-in-one security suites face certain challenges in a mixed operating system environment.

That is why I stress that you consider having layered security (both hardware and software) and do not simply rely on software applications to protect your digital assets. As technology changes so do the opportunities for security breaches.

As these security threats become more sophisticated, hardware and software developers will continue to innovate and it's essential businesses keep up with, and implement these technologies.

Source by Michael G Perry

Network Marketing Success Without Contacting Friends and Family

If you have been in the network marketing industry you have seen many different ways to build your network marketing business. Most MLM business growing strategies revolve around a names list or warm market lead list which are friends and family.

You will hear people in your company say that you can introduce this product without even selling you just have to let them try the product and let them decide. When I introduced the products to people I always felt like I was selling regardless of how I introduced the products. When you are telling people about a product that they have not even asked about I feel that you are selling regardless of how you present. In this model of building a business you are setting people up for rejection and some people are okay with that, but many are not. Many people give up on this way of business building in a very short time.

I feel that it is best to tell people about an opportunity after they have asked because people are much more willing to listen if they have asked first. In this new way of marketing you are able to present your story after they have asked you for the information. So many people are looking for information and they will want to hear what you have to say if you get your information in front of them. You might have had great results with a supplement that you are taking and want to tell other people about the product. In this new way of marketing you will want to tell them about the results you have had and then let them ask you about what you are taking to get the results. Once they ask about your results you can tell them what product you are taking and they will listen because they are interested in getting the results.

Source by Marc Washburn

Travel Network Opportunities

Having instant access to network opportunities can turn out to be the nerve center of your business. Believe it or not, travel is one of the largest and one of the most profitable industries in the world, raking in close to $ 7 trillion every year. And many networks have made a worthy attempt in taking a big chunk of that money. Most travel network opportunities are a representation of a type of travel multi level program. However before you jump on the bandwagon, do your homework. Credibility and professionalism will be key components when dealing with companies providing this kind of unique opportunity.

Consider your first impression of their website. How much time and energy was put into giving the website a professional look and feel. Keep an eye out for legitimate contact information such as a physical address or twenty-four hour customer service. With travel network opportunities, you will save yourself a lot of time, energy, headaches and hassles by checking to see if the company has a proven track record with sales that steadily increase and a customer base that continues to expand. On top of that, see what other reputable organizations have to say about the travel network opportunity you want to join. A couple to start off with includes the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association. You'll get a clear picture of how reliable and dependable the travel network is.

An essential ingredient in choosing the right travel network is distinguishing just how much of the networks travel business's revenue coming from selling travel packages and how much comes from recruiting. It the opportunity's net worth is based on recruiting efforts as opposed to actually selling travel packages, then you know right off the bat that it may not be the best fit for your business. Another important factor is the network opportunity's level of customer service. Look at how quickly consumer questions are answered. Do some research on how the company handles customer complaints and negativity. Determine if they are 100 percent engaged with their customers or choose to take a more hands off approach.

All travel network opportunities should incorporate specific systems within the travel industry. See who is responsible for booking trips, handling orders and processing payments. Get a good feel for the types of products and services available to ensure that they fit your target market. Because there are many ways to advertise within travel networks, it is important that you have clear view of what regions you want to tap into. What's more, you also want to have a concrete understanding of what your customers needs are. A travel network opportunity will go now fast if your market has no demand for what you are offering.

Make no mistake about it, travel network opportunities are developing and expanding faster than you can imagine In essence, networks in the travel industry are growing to serve your better and allowing you the chance to dominate your market. Right out of tomorrow is an exciting new way to increase profits and build long lasting relationships. Travel network opportunities give you the clear competitive edge.

Source by Tanuj M

Use a Social Network to Get Recruited or to Become a Mentor

Since the last decade the economic crises faced by the world has left it in quiet distress. Not only people who have freshly graduated or done their masters and have started to look for new jobs have been affected by this but those who have more than fifteen years of experience behind their back are also finding it difficult to look for the new jobs. Social networking has surfaced itself as a reliable solution to this problem.

The old way of getting a job through references is losing its worth because an account on a social network gives a better view of a person's personality and abilities. In addition to this a smartly carved resume in your personal detail on your personal networking site has a great chance of landing you a job. All a person has to do is to make sure that he has a right group of contacts. Joining pages and getting involved in the discussions related to your work of line is a smart way of sharing your skills in that particular field. Getting an extra hand from group of people who can help you in finding the desired job is more likely to give fruitful results.

Career coaching is a very lucrative profession. Helping someone and getting paid for it is like cake with a cherry on top. With proper training in coaching and business skills one can become a very stable career advisor. Higher the qualifications in the subject of business easier the task becomes. Dealing a client physiologically helps a lot. Just putting yourself in other person's shoes assistants career coaches to advise a suitable career path. The key to success in this profession is to figure out what truly is important to clients and with that information, help to bring the best out of them.

As a career coach you would love to lay hand on as many clients as possible and in order to satisfy your clients you need contacts to important and blooming firms and industries. One of the most successful way is to take help from social networking. Social networking helps to maintain a large social circle. Personal affiliations help you to land clients even though there may be many people who might be looking for your career advice and social networking can help them to get through to you; helping to expand your business. Keeping an eye on several vacancies in leading firms by following them on their network pages and then matching their needs to your clients is all it takes.

Social networking has become key to many successes in our modern world. Correct and most efficient use can help a person get maximum out of his or her skills with the help of social networking. You are able to reach many people and very many people are able to reach to you. Career coaching needs an extensive know how current events in business and job world, and with the help of social networking sites, finding most of the information easily accessible with just a few clicks has made career coaching easy and fun.

Source by Divya Mishra

How to Generate 1001 Network Marketing Leads Without Google

You've probably heard of this strategy, and I'll have to admit that I even blew it off, but after I saw what one of my friends did with it, I reconsidered my position and now I reap the rewards while everyone else messes around with Google or something else.

Let's face it, network marketing leads is the lifeblood of your business, and if you've been looking into online marketing strategies then you've been working with Google for sure. Whether your using SEO or you prefer pay per click, either way it's either going to cost you time or money.

This network marketing leads strategy I'm revealing to you is another paid strategy, but everyone is not using it. This strategy is called ezine, solo ads. Think about it, you check your email at least once a day do not you? So are your prospects.

So lets take a look at solo ad marketing. It's important that you only stick to the solo ads and not the placement ads. We have found better results using solo ads rather than using all three placement ads.

I'm going to differentiate what kind of paid advertising this is as it is important to understand so you can get the next tip. Solo ads are performance based paid advertising. Pay per click advertising is pay per action marketing. It's important we distinguish the two as the copy we use is completely different. In pay per action marketing, we only want people taking the action we have to pay for who will be interested in what we are offering, otherwise we are going to be wasting money. In solo ad marketing it is performance based. You pay a set fee to send to a set amount of subscribers. In solo ad network marketing leads we want to get the most results possible for our money. We do not get charged for the action so the more actions the better.

So as we have distinguished this we can take it to the next step to get maximum efficiency out of our marketing efforts. What we want to absolutely do is get into our prospects minds. A good way to do this is take a look at the list you are going to be sending to and then determine what kinds of problems these people are experiencing. We want to keep our ad short, identifying the problems that particular list would be experiencing, and offering a solution to the problem. This is how we can get maximum results for our marketing efforts.

There are many factors to consider when placing solo ads, and it can be a very effective resource for you and it's important to understand that if you are using it effectively, this will not be costing any money. If you have a descent marketing funnel setup then you should be making money from your efforts. We have all the other important factors like which lists you can choose that will be the most effective, how to make a list that is not profitable, but does perform and turn it into a profitable list instead of trashing it. All types of factors to consider.

You have access to all the other factors available by checking the resource box and following the links therein. Take advantage of it as it is in video format and goes into great detail for you.

Source by R Keith Ellertson

Important Characteristics of a Qualified Network Storage Provider

Increasingly, network storage is an essential consideration. This applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes, but it also applies to other organizations – schools, churches and government offices, for instance. Storing data means more than just having a hard drive on which data can be "dumped" and then forgotten about. Modern organizations need to ensure that they have access to that information, and often need to ensure that multiple users can access the same information at the same time.

The best way to achieve this is to use a network-attached storage solution, coupled with a DVD server. This situation ensures that all of your information – from workstation data to server backups and data contained on important DVDs – is kept safe and sound. In addition, the right solution will ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, whether that is data for content creation, training materials, technical manuals or something else. However, finding the right solution can be difficult. You'll need to work with the right network storage provider to ensure you see the benefits that you need. Such a provider needs to have some specific characteristics, as well.

Custom Solution Creation

The most important thing is that the network storage provider you choose is capable of creating a custom storage solution based on your usage needs. No two data storage and access situations will be the same. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are provided a custom solution based on how you use data, the type of data that you need to safeguard and share, as well as numerous other factors. The right provider will listen to your needs, and then create a customized server to meet those needs.

Ongoing Support

Finally, another important element when choosing a provider is to consider the amount of support provided, and how long the company provides that support, as well as the cost. Many companies offer only a limited period of free support. After this time, you have to pay for the support that should be provided at no charge. With the right network storage provider, you can find excellent support, though.

Support should be offered via phone and email, and the company should be able to connect directly to your network to troubleshoot problems or provide assistance. This ensures that you are able to keep your system up and running at all times, without incurring additional charges.

Source by C. DeMello

Adult Social Networking – How to Network For Business and Pleasure

Social networking is literal exploding all over the Internet! Most experts believe that the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Many adults network online for business purposes, others use it as a social medium. This article will reveal the smart way of networking that combines business and pleasure.

In order to attract the "right kind" of people to you and your business, you must have a clear idea what personal characteristics you are looking for. It is helpful to get out a sheet of paper, (or use "notepad" on your computer), and write down the specific qualities you are looking for in the people you are trying to attract.

You are now going to write your profile. In social networking, most social sites allow you to post a profile with personal information. These profiles are generally available for all members of the community to view. In order to attract individuals that you might be interested in both personally and professionally, you must write your profile accordingly. The majority of your profile should be quite personal. Describe personal characteristics that will parallel the qualities of the kinds of people you are trying to attract. For example, if you are looking for a person with a good sense of humor, make jokes in your profile. Be open and revealing in your profile. Above all, be "social." After all, this is "social" networking!

Save the details about your business for the end of the profile. It is important for people to know you on a personal basis first. In fact, getting to know people personally first, is "the rule of thumb" on most networking sites. The key is to select sites that cater to adults who WANT to network for business purposes. If you select the right sites, it will be understood that business networking is desired.

Many social sites allow pictures, and even video, in personal profiles. Have people help you select a picture of yourself that is attractive and professional. Uploading a video on YouTube is quite easy, and EXTREMELY effective. For excellent FREE instruction on making online video, go to Renegade University Mike Klingler operates this members only website, and he offers excellent step-by-step video training tutorials. The training includes not only making videos, but it offers training on all forms of Internet attraction marketing.

In conclusion, adult social networking is here to stay. It offers a tremendous opportunity to leverage one's personal qualities to a global audience.

Source by Michael S Hutchins

Establishing Your Business Network

The business network is one of the most valuable tools that any business can possess. While having a great business idea and or product can get you rolling, the connections you make with the business world are what keep you going. Business networks do not just fall in your lap, either. They are something every business owner needs to work on developing and refining.

Build your network

The initial creation of your business and its products and services can lead us to focus on developing these aspects, while neglecting the development of growth. Business networks allow us to reach out to others and help our business grow- and the effect is mutual. This two-way street is important to keep in mind. While it may seem that someone is valuable to you, they will need to see you as a beneficial network to them as well. So keep in mind that you have to bring value to the table, too.

Interact with established business networks

One of the best places to start your own networking is with those that are already searching for their own business networks. Whether it's online or local, there are groups which primary purpose is to network. These meetings can be regular or casual, but it is imperative that if you join. You must create an image that others want to work with (be courteous to others).

Online, you can use your own media sources, such as your web page, social media accounts, and business forums to interact with others. While networking with other business is important, there are often individuals, some you man know and others you may meet, out there that can help you in your business venture. Always keep an eye out for future network opportunities, where they may exist.

Network with the right people

When you network for your business, it's all about meeting people. But, it is important to remember that not everyone is going to be able to offer your business a valuable asset (advice, connections, benefits), so you need to spend your time wisely. Stick with connecting to those that are going to provide a value to your business and avoid spending precious time with those who will not benefit you (or even hold you back). This keeps your network flowing smoothly, preventing any cholesterol from clogging up the arteries of your business.

Making the connection

Handing out a business card or your e-mail address is not the only step to networking. In business, relationships are developed with an investment of time, just like a friendship. You can not hand out your name and expect folks to immediately bond with you- so you talk to them. You work at building a relationship of trust by continuing interacting with them. Social media is an awesome business device, so take advantage of it. If you have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you keep up with them and interact with your fellow networkers as well. Discussion and advice are usually common on forums, so make sure you get in there and get involved with your networks.

Building your business involves more than just the business itself, it's also about those around you. What can they do for you, and what can you do for them- develops a relationship. These business networks are precious to a growing business, allowing new doors to open in every direction, and then helping us grow towards success.

Source by Russell A Wallace

The Power of Internet Network Marketing

Not many people that are familiar with network marketing and the Internet know the true power of combining the two concepts and creating Internet network marketing. This was a term that I was not familiar with because when I was introduced to network marketing offline I thought the only methods of promotion were giving out flyers and cold calling people. It came to me as a surprise when someone introduced ways of promoting online.

I decided to venture in to the Internet and promoting network marketing through there. When I was using off line methods I felt like I was wasting my time and was not getting any results. I began to realize how powerful it actually is to use the power of Internet network marketing.

Remember that in order to utilize the power of Internet network marketing you must have the right mindset. Having the right mindset and attitude is very important. When it comes down to it staying with a positive attitude will help you find a good opportunity online and begin to be successful. Not many people have the right mindset and that is why they never find success.

Remember to always stay focus on your goal and you will be able to make Internet network marketing work for you. The key is to find something you enjoy to do and do it on a consistent basis. Most people are not focused enough to actually continue to do something just because they do not see any results right away.

Source by Omar Negron

Network Management and Maintenance – A Must For Ever Prosperous Company

Network management is not a complex word; it means exactly what it looks like. It is managing all the computers in your business and making the work easier and smoother. It is not easy to do network management and maintenance, especially if you are handling a larger company with a huge network. It's a professional's work and needs special training and expertise to do it.

A company with a big network of computers will need a department that is dedicated to handle the network maintenance. You will need to allocate some budget of the company for this as it will certainly involve having a team at standby round the clock. You will never know when you might have a network issue. There is also another way to handle this, you can assign the work to network management company who does all the support that you need and send a team to you and do the management of your network any time. This will cost much cheaper and is a smarter way to handle your network. You will be relived off network burdens.

Network maintenance and management is a very profitable business with many companies coming up every day and almost every business is in need of some computers in their offices. Network management is not just about connecting computers that includes everything relating to the proper function of the network and the networking between all computers.

Once you hand over your network to the maintenance team, it's all their work and hassle to maintain your system. You can concentrate more on things relating to your business. If something goes wrong the 24hr tech support team will be right there to check what went wrong. You will not lose your customers, there will not be delayed transactions in your business and the efficiency of the staff will not dampen.

Long before network management came into scenario, it was a chaos and even the simplest problem used to cause delays in daily work and business output as such. Now as new technology evolved such things rarely happen. This has become a boon for all those companies with huge network of computers and where communicating between each and every systems is a must. Be it small or big, network management and maintenance services have really made the business easier for everyone. With one call or message the crew is in your office and fixes your network errors and you are good to go again.

Source by Keyur P