CCNA, CCENT, Network +, And Security + Questions – MAC Addresses, VTP, And More!

Let's test your knowledge of MAC addresses, network attacks, VLAN trunking protocol, and more with these CCNA, CCENT, Network +, and Security + practice exam questions!

CCNA / CCENT / Network + Exam:

A switch receives a frame with a unicast destination MAC, but the switch does not have an entry for that MAC in its bridging table. What term describes the default action of the switch?

A. flood

B. filter

C. unicast

D. drop

E. unicast

Answer: A. The frame will be "flooded" – that is, sent out every port except the one it came in on.

Security + Certification Exam:

A potential network intruder calls a helpdesk and pretends to be an employee of the company in an attempt to get that employee's password. What kind of network attack is this?

Answer: This is a social engineering attack.

CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam:

Fill in the blank: ISIS assigns redistributed routes a metric of ____________.

Answer: ISIS assigns redistributed routes a metric of 0.

CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam:

A VTP switch has a revision number of 5. This switch receives a VTP advertisement with a revision number of 6. What action (s) will this switch take?

A. The switch will accept the advertisement.

B. The switch will reject the advertisement.

C. The switch will increment its revision number.

D. The switch will decrement its revision number.

Answers: A, C. The VTP switch will accept the advertisement; since the revision number of the ad is higher than its own, the advertisement is more recent. The switch will then increase its revision number by one.

CCNP Certification / ISCW Exam:

Which of the following queueing methods poses the greatest threat of TCP Global Synchronization?





Answer: A. CBWFQ uses Tail Drop as its default method of packet drop. In turn, Tail Drop can lead to TCP Global Synchronization.

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Source by Chris Bryant

Principles For Successful Business Networking

A man without friends is just like that cloud which can be blown in any direction by wind. Making friends is not only the nature but the need of human beings to move successfully in life. Business networking is the essence of today's world; for entrepreneurs, big and small, even for those who do not own their own business and are employed. Making connections and building relationships becomes necessary for successful life now. These business networks not only help you in daily life's needs but also prove to be a great deal of help for your business. All the people try to build networks in their business area specifically. But building good networks is an art in itself and everyone can not do this successfully. To master this art some points must be kept in mind which can help you a great deal.

First of all, always try your max to be genuine. As all of us do not like to pay for a service which is claimed to be the best but do not give enough to its customers. Similarly others expect from you. So do not try to claim or pretend to be the one who you are not. It's all about building trust with your relationships whether blood relations or business relations. Be authentic and genuine and build trust and try your level best not break this trust.

You should be quite clear what you actually want from your business networks. This will help you choose your group and event of interest. Some meetings and events need you to volunteer and help others. Some are organized to make business networks. Others are especially for learning. You should know what you aim to get out of the connections you will make. It will lead to the desired actions.

When you know what you want, then you should visit as many events and groups of your interest as possible. You should observe the behaviors and attitudes of the members of groups before joining. They must be supportive and competitive enough to make you learn something. Group leaders are the most important people. Observe them if they are talented and competitive.

Being visible is very important to be important for others. So always try to volunteer which will make you noticeable in front of many important people you want to join. Volunteering will also help you to help those who helped you once.

Always show deep interest in your meetings. Ask open ended questions which demand answers more than yes or no and need some explanation. More demonstrating shows your curiosity and interest in the opposite person and his services. This is a great tip for making connections and starting conversations.
Always try to be recognized as a powerful reserve of networks and referrals for other people. It will make you more visible and let other people contact you when they need contacts and help.

You should be very specific what you want actually. So try to make contacts who can help you and to what you can give back.

Source by Mazeem Ashraf