Network Marketing – A Great Cross-Border Business Opportunity

Network marketing businesses can be much more successful in some countries than others. And the reason appears to have nothing to do with average earnings, and everything to do with culture. So it is that one MLM business in the health sector has Thailand as its leading territory – a country with a low per capita income, but a highly entrepreneurial attitude.

According to recently collated figures from the Direct Selling Association, the USA, where the network marketing structure and business model was invented, remains the leading country where the format is used.

Second on the list is Japan, where the market is said to be worth almost $23 billion. And third is Brazil, the highest growth market on the globe. The contrast between these two countries, in terms of national culture and style, could not be more marked. In Brazil, the opportunity that direct selling via an MLM business offers, can provide a more realistic route to higher earnings, than a mainstream business building opportunity or a job.

Fourth and fifth places in the table are taken by Germany and China – again, two contrasting countries. The Germans have a highly structured economy with a high average standard of living, while China is undergoing massive change and generating hundreds of new millionaires through the growth of all types of businesses.

Sixth in the league is South Korea, followed by Mexico, the UK, Italy and Russia. So a wide variety of countries with no clear link, in terms of cultural background or economic level. So what is the reason why a network marketing company will succeed better in one country than another?

The answer must lie in the prevailing attitude towards different types of business. As a Brit, it is easier to comment on my own society, and it is clear that the British have a culture of employment; of taking a job created by someone else. Whether that is a legacy of the Victorian mills, or some other historical events, the philosophy that one should seek a job is still deep within the culture. Looking at the tax system, to the banking and mortgage markets, the preferred mode is still for an individual to be employed, for the consistency of a regular wage to be favoured over another, more entrepreneurial way of earning a living.

In such an environment, the self-employed person or entrepreneur is still generally frowned upon, or at the very least thought of as a bit of an oddball. Setting up a home-based business is generally seen as something that is rather unusual, and slightly risky. And here’s the problem, where a relatively new business type such as network marketing comes across a culture that is resistant to innovation; those involved at the vanguard simply have to work harder to convince others to listen to their proposition.

But the flip side to anyone getting involved in an internationally based network marketing business is that you can build a cross-border team. And as any investment adviser will tell you, it’s best to spread your risk by diversifying your portfolio. So the idea of building a team of network marketing distributors that includes people in other countries is a great way of picking up on those nations where multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses have been proven to grow and work well.

The great news is, it doesn’t matter where you start! Be careful how you select which network marketing business to team up with, and you will tap into an international business with the opportunity to grow in other countries at a pace that can become independent of your involvement.

Source by Chris Bown

Network Marketing Success Tips For You

Network Marketing Success

There are a lot of network marketing success tips out there but here I'm going to tell you exactly what needs to be in your mind and what to do to make it happen for you. There are lots of key elements you need in place o become successful online. You can have all the knowledge but have no skills in it. You need all these key elements to get somewhere in this business.

What are the key elements?

You need knowledge, skills and the right mindset to have a good chance in becoming successful in network marketing. They're simple elements but its also whether or not you take action when you have these elements. Keep in mind that its what you do with that knowledge, skill and that mindset that is going to make a difference.

Why do I need those elements?

Well think of it this way, if you have the skills to create a website but do not have the knowledge on what goes on that website then your going to be stuck. If you have the knowledge of what to put in your articles but no skill on writing articles then your stuck again. You can even get stuck with having the wrong mindset, you can have the knowledge and skill but if you mind is not focused on what needs to be done than your going now.

Quitters in network marketing

Many people quit way to easy, people are looking for the quickest way to get rich. If they can understand that the longer you work and the more you work the end result can be great. People also quit when they come to a obstacle, its to hard and they see no way past it so they quit. Do not ever quit, find ways past your problems and when something fails just keep progressing.

What can I do so it does not happen to me ?

Simple, just keep moving forward do not stop when your articles get denied and do not stop when your website gets 1 view a week. Just have it in your mind that if you keep working hard your only going to get better, keep learning and keep working and it will happen for you. That's my mindset and that's whats keeping me going.

How can I speed up the process?

You can of course make money fast online but its not going to be a month it could be a year or two. But if you want to speed up the process then your going to focus in on what needs to be done and do it. When you work stay focused because I know the internet is the most distracting place where your trying to work. Its going to take a lot of constant work and learning to get to success faster. But if your the type of people that procrastinate and take your time on things than just accept the fact that it will take much longer to reach your destination.

Simple easy but strict guidelines to follow while you are trying to become successful with network marketing.

Source by Greg A Griffin

IT Network Security – The New World’s Lock & Key

It’s another Monday morning at the office, you’ve just turned on your computer and logged in – all of a sudden you start to notice that your „Home Page“ is changed, your computer is very slow and finally the internet connection is extremely slow…. Your IT Network has just been Hacked!

Security in the workplace has been an issue for years yet something commonly thought of as „internal security“ such as cameras and locked doors. Today the world has grown and evolved into a computer driven technology, providing innovative e-criminals the opportunity to take advantage of this situation and they are benefiting by your lack of network security knowledge and use of older technology. Now more than ever, there are important types of security needs such as Firewalls, Network Lockdowns, Key Fobs, Passwords and so on, that are needed to secure a companies sensitive records, financial information and their basic lifeline to keep them in business.

Some businesses don’t know what they’re exposing themselves to, but with an „opened port“ on a firewall or router leading to their database or „hole“ in the network, the world is able to look at your sensitive material without you even knowing until it’s too late.

Last month a new company signed on with Libra IT for simple „network support“ because they felt their old IT provider was not giving them the patience they feel they deserved. When our engineer did a network audit we noticed that the tape backup’s have not been successful in over 2 months! With that alone a red flag should have gone up. More problems were found… much more! Every port on the firewall was open allowing anyone into the server which nullified the purpose of the firewall entirely.

And to add misery to suffering… Half the staff knew the Administrator Password!!! (Simple passwords are not enough… did you know that the most common password used today is „password“ and the second most common is „admin“? Many users have half a dozen passwords to remember which is why the most common password is ‚password.‘ The usual solution is to write it down. But how secure is that?) This oversight allowed anyone into the system to change, delete or add anything they wanted… what if one of these people became a „disgruntled employee“ later down the line? Finally we stumbled upon another serious issue that could have been disastrous… After the previous IT person was „dismissed“ they were trying to hack into the system using „old employees passwords“ (which worked) and decided to try and delete files as well as „hide“ mistakes he made. Luckily we tracked everything they did by backing the system up successfully in case anything like this happened!

Makes you wish we could go back to the old days when we had a safe with paperwork in it or a filing cabinet with a lock on it that held our businesses most prized possessions. Today, this information is resting in your servers, networked to the staff and then to the internet for fast and easy day to day operations bringing business to what we once called „The future of doing business“. With this new system that has treated us well in the past decade or so, we have neglected to see what other possibilities are growing out there such as network hacking, malicious script sent through email in the form of humour from a trusted source, which destroys our data or even worse, a complete breakdown of our network and loss of all information.

Another item I wanted to touch upon was something I stumbled upon last month when a new client came on board and asked simply if we could upgrade their server. The company in this situation changed their IT Firm service to us because they felt like they were not getting the service they needed and wanted more experienced engineering in their technical arena.

When this high security Financial company signed on we had no idea what we were about to stumble on! If you look at some URL’s you will notice most of them start with an http:. But then you come across the „secure connections“ used by companies like financial or legal institutions which look like this http: where the „S“ is to signify that it’s a secure site and no one can get in unless authorized with log in and password. What this financial company didn’t know was that their „secure site“ was in no way shape or form secure! Here’s how the previous IT firm did it… To cut corners, their previous IT Firm decided to send all „secure traffic URL“ to one web-server housing the main page under the URL https: but then translated this to simple http: to retrieve the requested „financial data“ for the client from another server (being the data storage server). The traffic is then sent back to the first server which once again translated the http: to https: to again make it look secure! The information was finally sent to the client unbeknownst to them that their personal financial data has no security whatsoever. This was immediately rectified and security was finally restored but with a lesson… when you have security implemented into your network, get certificates of authentication for your records or you may find that you too are exposed to the world of hackers and prying eyes.

Source by Joe Miljan

Why Building Network Marketing Relationships Is the Way to Creating Wealth

My friends, Passive Income streams are one of the most profitable aspects of building wealth. This is the truth, but the fact of the matter is that there is one aspect which is paramount over any other when it comes to wealth building, especially wealth building in a hurry, and that is Network Marketing Relationships.

Here's the thing that few people mention when they talk about building wealth and becoming rich. No matter what happens in this world, there's always a link of people who actually make it happen. No man or woman can become wealthy on their own efforts without dealing with people in one way or the other.

Let's face it, people are the ones who are going to give you their money for your services right? For people to feel comfortable giving you their usually hard earned money they have to perceive what you have for them as having to intrate value for them, and they have to feel comfortable and trust you.

That comfort and trust is built on your relationship with them .

This is why building Network Marketing relationships is the key to building wealth. There are various types of relationships that you'll have to build and cultivate to truly see major success.

In essence, one of the things that you should get into the habit of, which is rare and will put you in a small percentage of the population, is to learn to see the good in everyone you meet. Dan Kennedy, the business and marketing consultant that many business and marketing consultants go to for advice says that "everyone on Earth is here for a purpose even if only to serve as a poor example."

This is true, but the fact is that if you learn to see the good in people then you have something to go on to build a relationship with them. The majority of people in this world like to see the bad in everyone they meet. They would rather gossip and talk about that person – to the other people that they gossip and talk about – than actually form a friendship or bond with them and get to know them. Getting to know just one right person can change your whole life forever, and often times it's the people that we think will mostly likely have nothing to offer for us that have the most to offer.

This is not to say that you should form relationships just for your benefit. You see that's where people will often make a huge mistake.

You need to serve people and therefore become valuable to that person. Then and only then will you ever get anything from any relationship, and rightly so. It's a cause and effect action and that's one of the laws of the universe. You can never really expect anything when you have not created a cause for the outcome … the effect.

By building relationships on the foundation of your value, you'll begin to see that people are attracted to you and will be standing in line to build relationships with you.

The types of relationships that you'll need to build are:

  • With the everyday people in you life (remember, you never know which person will have the most immense effect on your life) …
  • The people who you work with who are your peers … these are the people who you can expect to partner with and increase the value of both parties.
  • Your prospects and customers (this is a biggie) … no business is complete or even possible to succeed or thrive without customers and prospective customers …
  • Mentors … these are people who can help you grow to new heights in your life and your business … but the fact is that you need to show them value before they're really careful to share their knowledge and expertise with you. ..
  • Those that you can mentor. It's important that you give back to the world and the universe and one of the best ways to do that, if not the best way, is to mentor someone yourself.

If you're not building relationships then you're not actively building your life . It's time you took stock in your life right now and the relationships that you have built, and since to truly become of service to people and watch your relationship base grow in leaps and bounds. You'll thank yourself very soon for doing so. Click here to learn how to build those Network Marketing relationships; .

Source by David L. Feinstein